One Word Photo Challenge: Hot

Here’s my entry for Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge: Hot 


This is from just inside the 29 Palms entrance to Joshua Tree National Park on the edge of the Mojave desert in California.

Want to talk about hot? The horizon was shimmering at 9:30 am and it was already 104° F – about 40° C.

Beautiful scenery with such punishingly hot temps. Make sure to bring plenty of water.

Thanks for looking 🙂

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World’s youngest grumpy old man & heart failure wonder boy. Interests: writing, woodworking, photography, travel, tennis, wine, and I know a bit about power tools.
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18 Responses to One Word Photo Challenge: Hot

  1. I’ve experienced 42°C in Spain, in motorcycle leathers – and boy, was that hot!!

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  3. I love this shot – a crisp, saturated road against such a stunning landscape. Thanks so much for sharing!

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  4. facetfully says:

    Nice! Don’t you wish you could capture that ” shimmering” in a photo?

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  5. wccunningham says:

    Reminds me of my old neighborhood (Arizona). Great photo!

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  6. Dan Hennessy says:

    Great photo . Makes me miss the place.

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  7. Dan Antion says:

    Great photo for “hot” – Good to see you back in action Norm.

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  8. desleyjane says:

    Great photo Norm!

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  9. Beautiful photo!
    Way too hot! The mountains are so stunning, but I’d rather see them in a photo! The Mister often went to 29 Palms for training. He also said it was too hot, lol!

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