Thursday Doors – November 19, 2020

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More of Montrรฉal’s Ruelles Vertes #11

Montreal’s Ruelles Vertes initiative started in the city’s Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood in the late 1990’s, so this week I thought I’d check out two of the oldest green laneways this part of town has to offer.

It’s not just access by car that’s limited. In this case you need to walk your bicycle through as well.

This gate wasn’t much to look at but the garden trowel knocker is kinda cool.

This laneway had so many fun props, like this sculpture made from bicycle parts.

it felt like it could be a movie set…for an admittedly very odd movie ๐Ÿ˜‰

The well of wishes and desires.

This is one of the most narrow doors I’ve ever captured.

As always I thank you for looking ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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64 Responses to Thursday Doors – November 19, 2020

  1. Flavia Vinci says:

    I join your collection of this week… Here you go some doors from the south of Italy (Vico Equense) have a nice day!

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  2. Toonsarah says:

    These little back lanes look so photogenic! Here’s a contribution from me:

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  3. More lovely photos from this neighbourhood. Love that trowel door knocker! My Thursday door post is here:

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  4. lolaWi says:

    interesting doors this week, Norm! here is mine:

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  5. Linda Schaub says:

    Lots of interesting doors Norm and yard art too. The old wooden, weathered doors seem to hold up fairly well and homeowners must be upset to see graffiti scrawled on them.

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  6. I love these, Norm! And, especially the first one. It has so much character, I keep looking at it. I also like the garden trowel knocker and the bicycle parts sculpture. Have a nice weekend!

    Here’s mine for this week …

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  7. smkelly8 says:

    These all depict November so well.

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  8. JT Twissel says:

    What a fun neighborhood! Love the trowel as a knocker.

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  9. Excellent, once again! They just cannot be boring. Well done for spotting that knocker, it’s brilliant. I love the sculpture too and that arched green one – but of course.

    We found some great knockers in Farnese but they are still waiting their turn to be showed. Today Farnese doors, edition 5:

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  10. slfinnell says:

    You found some doors with experience for sure! And those are the ones you can’t help but gaze at. Or at least I do lol
    My link:

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  11. by.lily says:

    Wow great photos! I have to really search to find doors where I live, ๐Ÿ™‚ I like that trowel knocker as well! Here’s mine for today,

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  12. Hi Norm, Lots of fun doors. I love the garden trowel knocker and bicycle art. The well-worn doors are my favs.

    Here’s mine:

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  13. Ally Bean says:

    An amazing selection of doors. I like the green one with the green gate in front of it and 8 green mailboxes around it. Someone took the time to make the green match perfectly.

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  14. scooj says:

    More rich pickings this week. You are right, the trowel door knocker is very cool. Slightly more sober doors this week.

    I dug out some Dorchester doors this week from a trip there last June:

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  15. I can’t help feeling, Norm, that I live in such a boring place compared to you. I just love that windmill. Here is my post: Happy Thursday.

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  16. marianallen says:

    Every week, I think, “This is the best week yet!” and the next week, I think the same thing. What a treasure trove you have. I’m scraping the bottom of my local doors barrel this week:

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  17. I enjoyed them all, Norm, but that first one really stuck with me, I like the door knocker and the metal flower design further down, and of course the green gate and doors near the end are quite attractive as well.


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  18. I miss living in an older City. But we do the best we can in Denver. A small door to remind us of greater things @ Mountain State.

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  19. Sofia Alves says:

    So cool and it looks like it’s always sunny over there!
    Here is mine:

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  20. Sheree says:

    Another fabulous set! Loved the bike related ones.

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  21. You’ve got everything in this one, Norm. A wishing well, a bit of a jungle, nice green doors and windows contrasting with lovely red brick. I think my favourite find is that re’cycled’ sculpture. Here’s mine, thank you.

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  22. China Dream says:

    good morning what a fun collection.. I love the bold colours.. in contrast, here are mine

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  23. tgeriatrix says:

    These are some extraordinary findings. I like the bicycle sign, and the bicyle sculpture. The one above the sculpture looks like suspenders for Lederhosen.

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  24. Teresa says:

    Such a lovely laneway, Norm. Though it is narrow, thereโ€™s so many things to see. My fave is the well with small pumpkins. Or are they even pumpkins? Here is mine for this week.

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  25. Dan Antion says:

    I like that you have to walk a bike through. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a walk-your-bike sign.The garden trowel knocker and the bike sculpture are really interesting. I like the narrow door, but I think my favorite is the door above it. I think that’s the first inside corner door you’ve ever had. I notice that the narrow door had a pediment on top – that’s an interesting touch for such a utilitarian door.

    My doors are inside and on display this week –

    I hope you have a great weekend, Norm. Stay safe.

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