Wordless Wednesday – Picture This

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World’s youngest grumpy old man & heart failure wonder boy. Interests: writing, woodworking, photography, travel, tennis, wine, and I know a bit about power tools.
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19 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – Picture This

  1. Bohemian says:

    So glad I discovered your Blog while visiting another Favorite Blogger. Your Photography is Eye Candy and Beautiful Visuals right now is a Sensory Pleasure that we all need while in Pandemic Lock Down Extended Stay! I Love Old Frames, as an Incurable Collector I’ve Hoarded Up a fair share of them, Sold a lot of them too. Even if they’re empty of their Art, they can be a Work of Art and add Interest to Vignettes. Loved this Simple Showcasing of one, makes me wonder what the rest of the Building looks like?

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  2. Beautiful picture frame.

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  3. Oh yes, this one really shines.


  4. Linda Schaub says:

    Well that’s unique and clever play on words by you.

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  5. It stirs the imagination! Nice find, Norm!

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  6. quiall says:

    The imagination runs wild!!!

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  7. willowdot21 says:

    The pine combs have been framed 💜☀️

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