Thursday Doors – August 6, 2020

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Ruelles Vertes in Rosemont/Petite-Patrie, Montréal (Part #4)

Before I get started with this week’s post just some quick housekeeping to discuss: I’m overdue for a blogging break so next Thursday, August 13th will be the last Thursday Doors post until Thursday September 10th. This means there will be no Thursday Doors for three consecutive weeks, on August 2oth, 27th, and September 3rd. During that time feel free to continue with your own posts if you wish but there will be no link-up post here and in case you were wondering, no there’ll be no guest-host in my absence.

This week continues the exploration of the back alleys of my old neighbourhood in the city.

Some serious doors within doors action on these.

Probably my two favourite shots from this outing.

Even though parking spots on the street are scarce this parking garage doesn’t seem to be getting much use.

And if you look up and to the right…a beautiful ghost door.

A few that have seen better days.

“La grange à livres” – You know I’m a fan of barns but a Book Barn? Yeah baby, even better!

As always: thanks for looking 🙂 

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75 Responses to Thursday Doors – August 6, 2020

  1. joey says:

    Must be a hot summer, I see a lot of stark light here, makes me feel toasty! 😛 I love the last red sitting above leggy grass, nice!


  2. I am still having fun with your Ruelles Vertes series! I might have some but will check back on your archives later.

    Here are a couple of doors for my post this week.

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  3. A bit late but here are the first few doors I met on the road to our hotel for the last three days. It was most glorious. I like your bricks and shades and colours too.

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  4. Have a bless holiday, Norm.
    This week for Thursday Doors I am looking at the (lack of) doors in a Romanian Monastery 🙂
    And some of its tumultuous history too.

    Brancoveanu Monastery at Sambata de Sus, Brasov (Transylvania), Romania:

    Kind thanks. Stay safe.

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  5. amoralegria says:

    Cute little library – and interesting neighborhood, Norm! I haven’t participated for awhile, but here’s mine today:

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  6. Hi Norm, You have an endless supply of interesting doors. I love that curved staircase! Enjoy your door break!!! Here’s my door post:

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  7. by.lily says:

    I think the ghost doors are so neat. Have a nice relaxing break!

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  8. Fascinating collection of doors. I just discovered your posts. I must open my eyes to my local doors.

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  9. JT Twissel says:

    A well deserved break … I do love that triangular window in the garden door. I hope you and your family have something fun planned for your break … even if it’s just a fun hobby!

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  10. jazzytower says:

    Hello Everyone,
    Here’s my link for this week😊
    Thanks for the reminder Norm.

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  11. s.s. says:

    Here’s my Thursday door. Thanks for the challenge

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  12. julieallyn says:

    Wow. Love them all! Dang this COVID. My photography forays have diminished greatly, just as our sweet puppy is now a little more independent which makes it easier to resume life BC (Before Coco). I hope to hunt down a few doors myself before long. A great gallery here. Stay healthy. Stay safe! 🙂

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  13. Enjoy your break, Norm!

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    • Norm 2.0 says:

      Thank you. I’m still here next Thursday but I’m looking forward to stepping away for a few weeks after that. If nothing else it’ll allow me to replenish my door reserves 😉

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  14. I love that little library. Enjoy your break!

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  15. You are so lucky that there is street art where you live.

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  16. Ally Bean says:

    6844 is cool beans. I like that two tone spiral staircase. Enjoy your break.

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  17. jazzytower says:

    Hi Norm, hi everyone…
    Especially loving that first mural..
    Yard doors can be so interesting. Nice one. Enjoy your break😊


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  18. Colline says:

    Love the little library ❤️

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  19. Lots of lovely red brick this week, Norm, and a great selection of doors. Mine is full of street art this time.

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  20. My offering this week, from a trip last year to a local historic park: Walker Ranch. Never thoguht about allof the Doors until recently.

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  21. These are great pictures, Norm. I like the ghost door.

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  22. What a nice set of doors, Norm. I have only two doors in this post, one open, one locked.

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  23. Sheree says:

    A wonderful gallery! I love the ghost door.

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  24. scooj says:

    Hi Norm – first of all enjoy your break. Once again you have smashed it – doors within doors, bricked up doors, graffiti doors. A smorgasbord of doors.

    My little offering this week is here:

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  25. China Dream says:

    good morning everyone… this is my contribution today..

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  26. Dan Antion says:

    You’ve got it all today, Norm. Odd doors, interesting doors, beautiful doors (the dark ones in the slightly arched opening), and my favorite today, the one at 6844! That narrow door, atop a spiral staircase…oh, that’s perfect. It looks like the ghost door was similar to that one. Great collection!

    My post is heavy on DIY, but it’s a door project –

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  27. Texture rules! I love that ghost door, and the weathered wood in the next three photos. Lovely.

    I have a little gate from the great smoky mountains this week:

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  28. Love the black doors, the wooden fence door, and the book barn – great finds. Hope you have a nice summer break, Norm. We all need those once in a while. Take care. 🙂

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  29. Debbie Smyth says:

    You’re keeping me very happy with these ruelles, Norm. And what a lovely red library 🙂
    I’ve gone closed with a hint of ruin today:

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  30. A wonderful assortment this Thursday.
    Of course, the little red door for La grange à livres is my fav, but the metal staircase spiraling to serve two doors is quite a vision.
    Kind thanks for this tour 🙂 Mine is coming out tomorrow.

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