Thursday Doors – June 11, 2015

This is one of many ornate doors found at Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California.

Publishing tycoon William Randolf Hearst spared no expense building this luxurious hilltop mansion that would serve as his retreat to entertain his rich, powerful and famous friends.

He brought in fine artwork, as well as an impressive list of the best artisans and craftsmen of the time from every corner of the globe.

The entire complex is now owned by the state of California which opened it up to tourists by offering a variety of different guided tours, for a few dollars of course. The revenue generated by tourism finances the maintenance and upkeep of the place.

It serves to give us an amazing look into a bygone era of opulence that very few would dare flaunt today; as our tour guide repeated often when we visited, “If it looks like gold, that’s because it is.”


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48 Responses to Thursday Doors – June 11, 2015

  1. WOW! Some people find excessive wealth unconscionable but without it we’d never have many of our greatest treasures …

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  2. lumar1298 says:

    That is some gorgeous door…

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  3. Sabina says:

    Love that arch above the door so much!

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  4. UsefulSoul says:

    I visited Big Sur back in March but I never made it far enough south to visit the castle. I will definitely stop by next time I’m there (and there certainly will be a next time).

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  5. So glad you shared this door. Brings back fond memories of our tour there!!

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  6. Corina says:

    Very impressive. And that is just the beginning of all things impressive on the inside. I’ve only taken one of the several tours they offer but some day I will go back and take another. There is so much to see there.
    I found a door to share! It’s up at

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    • Norm 2.0 says:

      I know – what a place eh? I hope I get to go back someday.
      Glad you found a door to share: Yay! Feel free to join in whenever you like 🙂


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  8. Wow. Just wow. Opulent is right.

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  10. Right, now I see that most of you are posting just ONE door. I guess I’ve overblown it, again. 😀 Next time just one, promise. (Except if I forget it’s Thursday, tend to be BAD with rules and orders.)

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    • Norm 2.0 says:

      No worries. There are no rules. If you have several good shots you want to share, please feel free to share them. Most of us however don’t have so many, so we ration them to be able to post each week.
      You do what works best for you and most of all: have fun 🙂

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  11. Sammy D. says:

    Lovely door. I have been enjoying your door series through Dan Antion’s blog so I figured I might as well follow to see what other goodies you give us!!

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  12. Cee Neuner says:

    Now that is one spectacular door.
    Here is my entry for this week. ENJOY!

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  14. Impressive door Norm. so noble…
    Great shot!!
    Thank you again for maintaining the “Thursday doors”!!
    My contribution this week:

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  17. NancyTex says:

    What a place! We did 2 of the 7 available tours. Meaning, we may have seen 1/8th of the place. *shaking head in disbelief*

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  18. A stunning door Norm

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  20. Gosh that’s a cracker! He didn’t do things by halves did he Mr Hearst not far off Versailles for opulence! Not sure my contribution will gleam quite like this one 🙂

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  22. Dan Antion says:

    I toured that in the 70s and I was shocked at the opulence. Great choice for the series Norm.

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  24. Colline says:

    Beautifully elaborate.

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