Thursday Doors – February 20, 2020

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Under the Weather – Phoning It In

Sorry folks, only one door this week and it’s not even a real door at that.

I’ve been under the weather with a nasty cold that has knocked me on my ass. I’m in no shape for a doorscursion or for that matter not even for sitting at the computer long enough to go through my archives to look for unused doors for a new post.

Ah the joys of heart failure; when every little illness or infection kicks the crap out of my weakened system and has the potential to become an emergency if I don’t take proper care of it.

This hand-painted ceramic beauty was found in an outdoor market in Amalfi during our last trip to Italy. There were so many different ones to choose from it was hard not to believe that the entire shop had been set up specifically for my visit. And, as much of a door nut as I am, I’m proud of myself for somehow managing to limit myself to only this one choice and NOT taking four hours to make a decision 😀

To give you an idea of scale it’s about 9 1/2″ x 5″ (24 x 13 cm) in size. It’s signed on the back by the artist, and I love most is all the little details on it, especially the pot of dried flowers and the address plaque on the right.

In the meantime it’s back to bed for some more rest for me.

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As always thanks for looking 🙂 

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  1. joey says:

    Oh my gosh, there is no way I could be so self-disciplined and only buy one! I’d want a trio or a quartet and I know right where I’d put them! LOL
    I’m sorry to read that you’ve been poorly, and I am equally glad to read you’re taking it easy. (Took it easy? I’m very late.) Hopefully you’re right as rain now!

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