Seven Reasons I Hate Listicles

Monday is our Thanksgiving Holiday here in Canada.
On the Thanksgiving weekend it has been my tradition to totally unplug from social media and the electronic world as a way of appreciating family, friends, and all of wonderful people in my day-to-day life.
To make a long story short (and not so boring!), aside from already scheduled posts, I will be AWOL until next week.
With that in mind I leave you with this re-post of one of my personal favorites from earlier this year:

Norm 2.0

Fellow writers, can we talk?

But first, if there are any kids nearby you may want to cover their eyes or ask them to leave the room because there will be foul language in this post.

Is the coast clear? Okay good.

Now I don’t want to come across as a literary snob, but I fucking hate Listicles! You know, those darn articles written in the form of a list?

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

I just hate them!

I have this one writing professor who swears by them. She can’t get through a single class without telling us, Everybody loves Listicles, Editors love Listicles, or Readers love Listicles.

Since she makes a pretty good living with them in her day job, I have to quietly sit there and shake my head while she extolls the virtues of these things, which for me are the…

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    Happy thanksgiving!


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