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Advice For Young Men – Translating Womanspeak

In this latest installment of my continuing relationship advice series I thought we’d examine some of the mysteries of female verbal communication for the benefit of the hordes of clueless men out there. For newer readers you can check out … Continue reading

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Advice For Young Men – Stop, Drop, and Roll

Here’s another installment in my continuing series of relationship advice for young people. You can read the initial installment here. Today’s made-up question is from a fictional forlorn fellow named Barry in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan (yes this is a real place), … Continue reading

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Advice For Young Men (and Women) – And So It Begins

If you follow me at all on Twitter you know that I periodically tweet out sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, life, dating, and relationship advice under the hashtag #AdviceForYoungMen. What makes me an expert on dating and relationships you ask? Absolutely … Continue reading

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Friday Questions

Whenever I’m stuck for something to write about I find that these list/questionaire type posts help get me moving again, and since I’ve been in quite a writing funk lately I was glad I stumbled across this one the other day on Sheena’s blog that … Continue reading

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A Valentine’s Day Special – The Lovers Locks of Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy

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Back in 2013 Honey and I had the good fortune to spend some time in Tuscany, and as the hopeless romantic that I am I thought today, for Valentine’s Day, I’d share some of my favorite pics from the Ponte Vecchio in … Continue reading

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