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Lest We Forget

Originally posted on Norm 2.0:
In Canada as well as in other British Commonwealth countries today is Remembrance Day – in the United States it is called Veteran’s Day. No matter where you live or what you call it, November 11th,…

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Syrian Refugees, Security Debates, Fear Mongering and General Stupidity

Note: I know this post is a little out of character for me. I don’t rant or use foul language often and I generally try to avoid political topics. So no worries; I won’t be insulted if you decide to … Continue reading

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The Kid in 27C – Fear, Racism, and the Excitement of Business Travel

Dave and I sat in the terminal in Philly waiting for our connection on our way from Montreal to Atlanta. Two middle-aged white guys on a business trip to a trade show; yawn. Throughout the concourse we noticed dozens of security personnel patrolling … Continue reading

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