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My Grandpa always said, “Opinions are like a**holes, everybody’s got one!” These are mine.

Advice For Young Men – 8 Tips for Not Behaving Like a Sexual Predator

For my newer followers my Advice for Young Men series usually pokes fun at the differences between men and women. You can read some previous installments here and here. I’m overdue for a good rant though, so today’s post isn’t very funny. … Continue reading

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Lest we Forget

My annual Remembrance Day tribute: Lest We Forget  

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If We Were Having Coffee – 6 Months In, An Update.

If we were having coffee we’d have a lot of catching up to do. I haven’t done one of these posts for a quite a while. In fact I think this is my first one since Nerd in the Brain … Continue reading

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2016 Looking Back – 2017 Looking Ahead

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to take stock of how things went and look at where we’re headed. No doubt the WordPress monkeys will be out with their stats in a few days but I … Continue reading

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You Know You’re Getting Old When… (That Time I Hurt Myself by Sneezing)

Funny story. Last week I caught a cold. Well technically since the incubation period for the common cold is seven to ten days, I probably caught the cold the week before last. Last week the symptoms began to manifest themselves. … Continue reading

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Lest We Forget

In Canada as well as in other British Commonwealth countries today is Remembrance Day – in the United States it is called Veteran’s Day. No matter where you live or what you call it, November 11th, the anniversary of the … Continue reading

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Why I May Have Unfollowed You on Twitter

Warning: This post is a rant about people who engage in stupid, politically motivated, hysterical behavior on Twitter.  This post also contains foul language. If you are offended by foul language then please, you should fuck off now. Hey… at least … Continue reading

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