Thursday Doors – October 1, 2020

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More of Montréal’s Ruelles Vertes #4

This week brings us to another one of Montréal’s Green Laneways in the north central borough of St-Michel/Villeray.

Looks like someone had a lot of fun painting this.

Making a laneway pretty is all about colour and creativity.

Don’t worry there’s something really nice waiting right around the corner.

Ahhh, that’s better!

I don’t think I’ve ever encountered as many nicely decorated garages before.

Let’s finish it off with a nice group photo.

Thanks for looking 🙂 

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About Norm 2.0

World’s youngest grumpy old man & heart failure wonder boy. Interests: writing, woodworking, photography, travel, tennis, wine, and I know a bit about power tools.
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101 Responses to Thursday Doors – October 1, 2020

  1. nice artwork. love the one with the girl reading.

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  2. Jennie says:

    How charming! The artwork on the doors is outstanding.

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  3. viveka says:

    Wow, you have met some beautiful doors. Janet sent me over here … and I what I see and read I enjoy very much. My pick out of this magical gallery must be 3 “sunshine doors” at the end … they brought a smile to my morning. You will struggle to find any door like this here in Sweden. Norm, I will be back!!!

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  4. Su Leslie says:

    Wow: green and gorgeous 😍

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  5. Rowena says:

    There’s much to love about all these garage doors, Norm. I really love the bright yellow flower painted on the road, even if it wasn’t a door. Well, it could lead to a secret subterranean door especially if your imagination has been enhanced in some way. I also really loved the one of the girl reading the book. That was truly beautiful.
    I’m sorry I haven’t been by for some time. I’ve been engaged in an intense research project re WWI Australian soldiers, particular in France and Belgium and looking at why they enlisted, their experiences etc. It really got away from me. It was initially inspired by the Great Great Uncle’s service and my husband’s Great Uncle who was killed in action in France.
    On Wednesday I had to drive my son about an hour away. He wants to be a sound engineer and he’s volunteering at Church and being trained up. His trainer thought it would be a good idea for him to help out at a funeral and get to know another sound desk. So, I was left to fill in a few hours in between. That’s how I found myself at Norah Head Lighthouse just South of Newcastle on the Australian East Coast and photographing doors once again. This time, I was also photographing doors with covid signs on them.
    Here’s the link:
    Best wishes,

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  6. slfinnell says:

    And That’s how you do a fantastic Doors post! 🙂 Each one certainly stands on its own.
    My simple doors entry for the week:

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  7. amoralegria says:

    These are wonderful, Norm! So bright and sunny!

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  8. I’d love to live in one of these neighborhoods and along one of these lanes. My favorite is the road with the bright yellow flower and the colorful “bubbles.” Well, they’re all so fun! Very nice, Norm.

    Here’s my post for this week!

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  9. lolaWi says:

    i’m loving this series Norm. fun and some whimsical! here is mine:

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  10. What a treat! Thanks for sharing so many happy doors. I love the bubbles!

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  11. jazzytower says:

    Love that second one.. it does look like it was a lot of fun to do😊

    ps Love the touch of whimsy in this weeks post😊. Needed it!

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  12. As if those garage doors aren’t colourful enough, you even have cheerful recycled planters too, including the vivid foliage. So pretty. Here’s mine for this week, thanks Norm.

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  13. another great collection, Norm. So colorful! Great ways to add color and interest where you don’t have garden/plant space. here’s my post for this week:

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  14. What fanciful, colorful, whimsical doors! These are truly creative and colorful. Thanks for giving me a great glimpse of Montreal!

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  15. dennyho says:

    I’ve said it before…I so enjoy how your people decorate their back alleyways to create such appealing and welcoming spaces. I would smile each time I returned home. Here are my doors –
    Happy Thursday to you Norm!

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  16. these are great, I may steal the flower pot idea

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  17. These are neverending! What a great creative contest, in a way. They spell culture and care and community spirit. Wonderful.

    Today felt like a good day to remember our together times, more precisely how we spent yesterday two weeks ago. 🙂 You’ve seen these already but they bear repeating. Happy memories.

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  18. JT Twissel says:

    Lovely – whimsical neighborhood. I wonder if the residents are similarly whimsical. Our air quality is still too bad to spend a lot of time outside.

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  19. Photographias says:

    Can’t pick any this week, I love them all.
    Here is mine:

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  20. Anne Fraser says:

    I love the garage doors. We have a green lane near us but it is an old bridleway that has never been adopted as a road. I spotted this cottage door recently and loved the flowers hanging on into autumn.

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  21. DrJunieper says:

    They used the garage as a reason to paint if up pretty! And for some reason it has a French Flair:) Great neighborhood! Here’s mine

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  22. I like that the alleys (at least that’s what I would call them) are taken seriously by the residents as places to brighten and enjoy. I’m going in a different direction today for sure, but doors here are mostly just boring. 🙂


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  23. Teresa says:

    Oh Norm, these laneways are so pretty. Love that pastel dots on the door and the driveway with tin cans hanging. Here is mine

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  24. marianallen says:

    Those are all so neat! If I had to choose a favorite, it would be the polka-dotty door and/or the night sky. But it would be a hard decision. Lazy this week on my blog:

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  25. seaangel4444 says:

    Garage doors being adorned; I love this! (moon and stars get my vote)! Cher xo

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  26. This neighbourhood is fast becoming my favourite place in Canada. The garage doors are wonderful.

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  27. Norm, what a lovely driveway lane! I liked the potted plants in the painted coffee tins (well they look like coffee tins to me) and my favorite garage door is the turquoise one! Here is my post for today!

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  28. Lynn says:

    Love the creativity & colour💕. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods Norm.🤗

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  29. Some interesting street art combined with Today’s Doors:

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  30. Sheree says:

    These ruelles are quite charming

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  31. China Dream says:

    good morning everyone, today I share with you doors I found on a 100 year old farm

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  32. Really impressive. Most folks in Britain don’t really care about their garage doors. Mine are plain green. Boring, I know. Here are some shop doors

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  33. Dan Antion says:

    I love that first photo of the flower on the road. It must make people feel good to drive home at the end of the day, see that and then enter one of those colorful garages. It almost makes me want to paint a mural (as if I could) on my garage door. I’d probably be sued by the town, but I’d love to come home to something fun like that, instead of a big grey wall.
    Thanks for sharing these, Norm, and thanks for hosting Thursday Doors!

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  34. These folks sure know how to do garage doors. Applause to the many artists and to you for sharing.

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  35. scooj says:

    There seems to be quite a lot of civic pride in these back streets. That last sequence of garage doors are beautifully painted. Such a rich vein of door material. Love it.

    Recycling graffiti doors from me this week:

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  36. Joanne Sisco says:

    There seems to be a similar style to these doors like the same person had painted them … ie the use of ‘bubbles’ or spots of colour. I like the style. It’s soothing, light, with a carefree feeling to it.

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  37. Debbie Smyth says:

    A wonderfully colourful week, Norm. What a great start to October.
    I’ve got spot of humour this week – sometimes a door is not needed!

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  38. I have prison doors for you. They’ve been waiting since the summer to be shared here 🙂 A bit grim compared to the lovely, colourful pictures you have today. But they struck me. They were hung on a wall in a museum. The museum itself was a former prison. A stark atmosphere.

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  39. You live in an area where there is so much artistic talent, Norm. It’s wonderful.

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