Thursday Doors – January 30, 2020

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Capalbio, Tuscany Part #4

Around here the last week of January is right around the time when we really start  looking forward to warmer days again. Between late January and early March those who are able to take time off and can afford it, hop on a plane and travel south to someplace sunny and warm for a week or two to keep from going stir crazy.

For those who can’t but have blogs, well we shake off the winter blues by dipping into our archives and tapping into some warm fond memories of previous trips.

With that in mind here are the last of my doors from our time in the hilltop town of Capalbio in south western Tuscany. In case you missed the previous posts from there you can see Part 1 herePart 2 here and Part 3 here.

You’ll find 2 of our 3 hosts in this image.

Yes that’s Manja taking a reflection shot of me while I’m taking a reflection shot of her. What’s that painting that’s an image of a reflection of an image that’s a reflection of an image that’s…well you get the picture 😉

The rest of these are just a continuation of the series of lovely find from this secluded little ancient town.

Some a classy.

Some are weathered and worn.

But they all seem to have their own unique character, unlike anything I’ve ever seen here in North America.



That’s it for this time. Thanks for coming along on the tour.

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81 Responses to Thursday Doors – January 30, 2020

  1. joey says:

    They’re all magnificent. However, I am particularly fond of the one that features the washed out brick with Manja and Bestia in the snap 🙂
    I so dig the arches and walkways with staircases that seem to be everywhere.

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  2. Robert says:

    A wide array of different doors!

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  3. Solid doors and good memories make a nice January post. Love the unique hardware locations too.

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  4. Great door finds by you and your doorscurion guide, Manja! You guys must have had a blast finding these great doors, Norm!

    Here’s my late contribution for the new year:

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  5. Joanne Sisco says:

    If you’re going to revisit the memory of a location and reminisce, Italy is a great choice. Especially when it comes to great old doors! I like the one that has the purple shadowing around it. At first I thought it had been painted, but now I’m starting to think it might be the stonework itself.

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  6. A beautiful collection of Tuscany doors. Such character! Love all of them. And it’s always a pleasure to see a fellow blogger reflected on another fellow blogger’s photos. 🙂

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  7. lindasschaub says:

    You’re right Norm. This post was a vacation away from the gray and dismal days that define Winter. The doors in some cases look less weathered than the bricks or concrete – amazing these old buildings. I especially liked the view of the narrow cobblestone street.

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  8. Your beautiful doors remind me of warm trips down to Mexico!

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  9. loved the “barrel ceiling” entry in brick on #2 blue door. and also the barrel tile above the wood door #30, like they had just a few roof tiles left and what to do? let’s create a weather shelter for the front entry 🙂

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  10. Here it is, another birthday door post. Liz is coming over in a month!

    Thanks again for the lovely Capalbio door series. I think you see my too-many-doors problem more clearly now. 😉

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  11. Oh Norm, great doors.

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  12. My sort of doors.
    This week I have linked to World Holocaust Memorial Day…

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  13. slfinnell says:

    Definitely nothing like North America. No 2 are ever alike. Good stuff!
    My link:

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  14. jazzytower says:

    Beautiful! I’m always facinated by how well these wooden doors survive the elements.
    Here is mine this week. I went drooling over the Victorian’s again on this morning😉


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  15. DrJunieper says:

    As usual I forgot to give the perma link! Here it is

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  16. DrJunieper says:

    The narrow alley with the steep stairs is very quaint to look at. Of course not when I would have to walk this every day! Serendipitous-ly, I also have a blogger friend in the first capture of my post. Part of my heart is still in Italy, and the doors are part of that.

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  17. Judith says:

    Another atmospheric collection. Here’s my scrapbook of red doors:

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  18. That door at the top of the steps could be a trip hazard. These old doors are great for hardware and the knockers

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    • Norm 2.0 says:

      Thanks Alice. Yes the first thing I think about whenever I see stairs like that is “how did the people who live there manage to move all of their furniture and appliance into that place?”

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  19. Lots of good stuff here, Norm. I like the reflection of Manja that’s a reflections of you (that we can’t see)…etc. I like the the arch of the third doors and there are lots of good door knockers. Win-win-win.


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  20. JT Twissel says:

    I like number 6 with the mighty lock! No doors today but I was thinking of Montreal this morning. Hope you get a little sun. We’re stuck in the fog out here.

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  21. I love all those beautiful arched doorways and narrow streets. Great photos Norm and you managed to get Manja and her lovely dog in too. Here’s my puzzling doors for this week:
    Many thanks for hosting.

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  22. scooj says:

    I feel that Italian warmth… thank you. I think Manja calls a reflection shot a doorfie. Great word.

    This week some rabbit doors from me:

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  23. The door knockers are neat, and Manja’s reflection is cool! The doors are lovely. The one with all the hinges was interesting.

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  24. I see the warm sun, the sun-baked walls, the lush green foliage and I can understand the January claustrophobia. There is a parallel with my feelings towards the end of August when I have suffered through a couple of months of monsoons and still have two to go.

    I hope these doors the warm tropical port of Kochi helps:

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  25. Marla says:

    Lovely photos, Norm. My favourite door is the one at the top of the stairs.
    Here’s mine.. another from Chateau de Chantilly!

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  26. marianallen says:

    Oh, the arches! Brick and stonework! Narrow stairs with narrow doors at the top, including a corner one! And is that a butterfly I see, painted on the edge of the doorway? What lovely, lovely finds! I only have one door today, sent to me by a friend:

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  27. quiall says:

    I love the combination of stone and wood!

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  28. Dan Antion says:

    These are wonderful, Norm. And it’s nice to look at a warm scene. I find the split door with the multiple hinge joints interesting. I can see how it works, but I’m wondering why. The narrow alley, leading to the stone steps up to the door is an intriguing image. It’s hard not to think about the work involved in setting all those stoned in place. But, that last door, that’s today’s winner. The curved panels, the 60/40 split, the rich wood – so much beauty in one door. Excellent!

    I’m back in Essex –

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    • Norm 2.0 says:

      Thank you Dan. The split one with the multiple hinges had me scratching my head too. Yes the stonework is something to admire, but with the narrow alleys and uneven stairs I can only imaging the “fun” for those who work in the appliance delivery business 🙂


  29. tgeriatrix says:

    Here in the southwest of Germany no snow in sight. Here are my doors or gates this week:

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  30. TCast says:

    Oh wow, Norm, Tuscany really has thousands of doors. It is a door heaven! Here is mine.

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  31. Haha, great, Norm, thanks for the reminder and for painting the picture. We’ve got great doors around here, no doubt. I’m glad you have them in your archives to keep you warm. And it’s such a hoot to find bestia on another’s blog. 😀 My post coming a bit later.

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  32. Wonderful walls, I liked them better than the doors. I like the intricate arrangements of hinges in one folding wooden door here. As always, excellent selection, Norm.
    Here are my 5th set of Budapest doors from the old Jewish quarter, around the Grand Synagogue.

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