Thursday Doors – November 28 2019

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Capalbio, Tuscany Part #2

First off to all of our door fans and contributors in the U.S. – Happy Thanksgiving to you! I hope you are fully able to enjoy the holiday with family, friends, and those dear to you. Remember that life is short, so count your blessings often and be kind to others whenever you can.

So this batch is round two our our afternoon with Manja (aka the Queen of Italian Doors) exploring the lovely hilltop town of Capalbio.

I’m going to shut up and let these beauties speak for themselves:

Oh that view!

Little guy admiring the view

Doors when you least expect them

A door behind a gate – my favourite non-dog shot from this batch

Laundry day?

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As always thanks for looking 🙂

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67 Responses to Thursday Doors – November 28 2019

  1. Joanne Sisco says:

    I’m sorry I missed this post when it was first published. A virtual trip to sunny Italy is always a lovely distraction and true to all posts of Italian doors, this one is full of interesting beauties. I’d be hard-pressed to choose between the photo looking down on the 2 doors, or ‘laundry day’. There’s just something about laundry hanging on a line outdoors that catches my eye. I guess it just reminds me of those bucolic summer days as a child … especially on a chilly day like today with a fresh dumping of snow 🙂


  2. joey says:

    Fabulous! I recognize at least one! And of course, that cute little guy 🙂
    Love the doors you caught looking down, and of course, the open space leading to a phenomenal view! 🙂

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  3. beautiful views and I like the green door.

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  4. slfinnell says:

    Always inspiring us! Chock full of gorgeous scenes for sure. Thanks!
    my link:

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  5. lolaWi says:

    thank you! amazing doors esp the green one! love the photo of the dog. here’s my contribution this week:

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  6. My favourite is the one in the brickwork. Good textures.
    Just one from me this week…

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  7. Lovely sentiment at the beginning of your post. Great shots and amazing doors! My favorite is the door behind the fence. I also love the photo with the “little guy” and the incredible view.

    Well, here’s my group of doors for this week. Thanks for hosting, Norm! (

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  8. Debbie Smyth says:

    I’ve fallen in love with Fonzie. But I enjoyed the doors too, Norm 🙂
    Here is a little selection from me, trying to go black and white but some colour has crept in:

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  9. Manja and Bestia too! What a delight when we get to visit each other in our different worlds. It’s like when Fonzie made an appearance on Laverne & Shirley. My two favourite doors here are #12 in the bricks – oh it’s so perfect – and also the “door” between two columns of stone, looking into the valley.

    Thanks for the Thanksgiving Day wishes. So thoughtful of you. I was very excited about my door collection this time, and thought I’d wrap it up with only a sentence or two about the holiday. I ended up going deeper into what it feels like to be a descendant of both Indian and Pilgrim. Enjoy:

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  10. .Jesh says:

    Love that narrow door atop of the stairs. The whole ambience of Tuscany see on your captures draws me in. Am happy and thankful someone coming by while hubby was walking to the mailbox, cleaned our driveway with his snowplow (5 inch yesterday, and 5 inch today!), so we can go to my daughter to celebrate Thanksgiving! Thanks for hosting:)

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  11. msgt3227 says:

    Thanks for the Thanksgiving wish, Norm! I do have one observation… even though Manja took you door exploring, you did not learn how to include yourself in any of the photos! 😦

    My posting this week comes from Indiana…

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  12. scooj says:

    As always your Italian doors awaken my desire to go back there. Bellissimo!

    From me another small offering of doors from Fowey in Cornwall:

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  13. Beautiful doors and views. Love the photo of the dog. Is that Beastia? Here’s my offering this week, thanks.

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  14. I love that #29 shot! I have a hospital door today. Celebrating that after five months I’m able to put on two (2!!!) socks again:

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  15. Dan Antion says:

    This is a great collection, Norm. I especially like the small, odd-shaped and unexpected finds. One of the things I am thankful for, is your effort to keep Thursday Doors running. It’s one of the best things on the Internet.

    My contribution, in between a glass of wine and another helping of stuffing, is over here –

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  16. Great selection of doors, Norm 😁 that green one at number 24 looks very narrow! Here’s mine:

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  17. marianallen says:

    “My favorite non-dog shot”. LOVE IT! Norm, these ARE beauties, one and all. My favorite non-dog shot is of the unexpected doors that look like there was a blank wall, and somebody said, “You know what? We need a couple of doors here. Knock a hole or two, and we’ll bung some in.” I have one picture today, with several doors and a gate in. Well, two pictures, if you count my fingernails.

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  18. Sheree says:

    We have great

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  19. Ostendnomad says:

    Nice views of Capalbio:)! This region on my bucket list (tarotgarden 🙂 ). my entry:

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  20. TiongHan says:

    Makes one wonder if you have a fetish for doors…great photos. Here are my doors:

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    • Norm 2.0 says:

      Well this is a weekly feature so yes, I am somewhat obsessed with doors 😉
      By the way my comments are not showing up on your posts, I think the WordPress spam filter is sending them to spam. You made need to check in the comments tab on the WP admin dashboard and flag my as “not spam” to release my comments. Cheers!

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  21. TCast says:

    What great scenery, Norm. And I particularly like that shot with the clothesline. This is mine for this week.

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  22. Hehe, I just showed bestia to mom. 😀 Such a wonderful shot! And all the doors too, of course. She admired them muchly. We are together with parents this week because they celebrate big today. This is for them:

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  23. Prior... says:

    Hi – my fav is the door through the gate on the angle – and the unexpected doors below …
    And it has been a while – but we have a door post to share this week 😉

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