Thursday Doors – September 12, 2019

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Saint Patrick’s Basilica – Ottawa, Ontario

Another interesting building we discovered while in Ottawa for the recent Labour Day long weekend was Saint Patrick’s Basilica.

The parish was founded in 1855 and is the oldest in the city that caters to the English Catholic community of the national capitol region.

Built from locally quarried stone in the Gothic Revival style, construction on the current church began in 1869 and was completed in 1875.

As we drove past the doors immediately caught my eye and I just had to pull over to take a closer look.


Needless to say I grabbed the camera, which is never far away, and went a bit crazy capturing all of the interesting exterior features 😉

Up near the top of the facade is a statue of the building’s namesake.

I don’t know if you can see it but there is a mesh netting and some anti-bird spikes protecting Saint Paddy from any winged critters who may get the idea to set up shop up there.

And suddenly the sign I saw on the lawn, while coming around the corner of the church earlier, made a lot more sense.

As always, thank you for looking 🙂

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88 Responses to Thursday Doors – September 12, 2019

  1. pretty church. Like the green doors.

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  2. joey says:

    Striking! Really love the color scheme. Reminds me of Notre Dame (the college here in Indiana, not the French cathedral).

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  3. Jennie says:

    Stunning, Norm. This doors post was a treat.

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  4. Oh the green doors! How splendid. Thank you for hosting doors posts every week, Norm, it’s a fun idea. ~Crystal

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  5. That’s a real beauty, Norm. I love the two tone stonework around the doors and that colour blue is gorgeous. Unfortunately, too many historic monuments and statues get destroyed by pigeon droppings. That sign makes sense. Here’s my offering this week, thanks.

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  6. Oh wow, what a gem! Those greenish doors are just stunning, as are the other details. A real treat!
    Here’s my entry:

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    • Norm 2.0 says:

      Thanks you and welcome 🙂
      FYI I just went over and left a comment on your blog but for some reason WordPress usually sends my first comment on someone’s blog direct to the spam folder, so you may need to go into the comments section or your admin dashboard and release me from spam prison.

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  7. Gorgeous! That first door (it looks more teal than green on my iPad screen) looks like a fine-cut jewel surrounded by an elaborate gold setting. I wonder if that’s what the designer was going for?

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    • Norm 2.0 says:

      It’s hard to pin down the colour but I’d say more teal than green. To make matters worse the paint on the window frames didn’t match and was actually more green than teal 😀


  8. Prior... says:

    great doors – and the stone is beautiful

    also…. those birds can sure wreak havoc – our neighbors had a fire from the nesting material that was dragged into their ducts – a spark was caused by the dryer

    and here is my entry this week

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    • Norm 2.0 says:

      A fire cause by a birds nest? That’s awful 😦

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      • Prior... says:

        yes – and another terrible part relates to that they paid to have the nesting removed – once they realized birds were going in the dryer vent and that area –
        well! when the fire trucks were there, it was a small fire and out quick – but the truck with the raised platform was up there a while – I guess he pulled out so many pounds of bird stuff – there was no way the company would have saw all that – anyhow – they have fixed it all up and all is well (with vents covered)

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  9. JT Twissel says:

    Beautiful church – I love your shot looking up at the clouds above the steeple. Captures the gothic feel of the building.

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  10. Peter B. says:

    Such beautiful architecture. I really like how the green doors and windows stand out. Wonderful photos!

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  11. Welcoming doors and the church is beautiful

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  12. Junieper2 says:

    Impressive doors, Norm! And the Gothic style is my favorite architectural style. You call it the Gothic Revival style – is there a difference between the two? Thanks for hosting!

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    • Norm 2.0 says:

      Thanks. Yes, there are a number of different subsets of Gothic architecture. From what I understand Revival would be newer, with more modern construction techniques that did not require buttresses to help support the roof loads on exterior walls, which was the only way known in the middle ages to achieve those huge high-vaulted ceilings.


  13. Ostendnomad says:

    My entry of this week:
    Have a great day Norm. Cheers Stef

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  14. Debbie Smyth says:

    A great package as Janet puts it. Very eye-catching.
    I have a little selection this week:

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  15. Most excellent stopping-in-the-track kind of doors on this church! I’d stop for that too! That sign sounds most Canadian and it made me giggle, but what do I know? Must be “excrement” that did it. 😀

    Here are some doors that you may remember. No photo of you, promise, but there is mention…

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  16. What a gorgeous church! I not only love the doors but what surrounds the doors and makes the entire package so great.


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  17. msgt3227 says:

    Hiya Norm! It has been so (too) long… my posting is here

    No blue frog anymore…?
    Am trying to get this to work on my iPad, so still a wreck in progress…

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  18. lolaWi says:

    stunning doors of St. Patrick’s Basilica! thank you 🙂 here are my doors this week:

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  19. sirirani27 says:

    Hi Norm hope you’re doing well. I love the doors you shared Here’s my entry for Thursday Doors.

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  20. I like the bulging rough cut stone contrasting with the bulging panels of the green doors.
    My Thursday Doors post is a bit of a cheat/play on words, Doors/Jaws, geddit?

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  21. Aimer Boyz says:

    Spectacular doors and that explicit pigeon sign…Hah! I’m going to be thinking of that every time I see a “please don’t feed” sign 🙂

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  22. Cath Moore says:

    such a beautiful building….the doors are quite a feature.

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  23. TCast says:

    Norm, as usual your doors are amazing. The colours are just so eye catching. Here is mine

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  24. Marian Allen says:

    So much to love here! The color (which I know is green, but looks kind of blue to me), the stonework, the variations of color and texture, the gentle arch of the doors and extreme arch of the glass frame above. This is Extreme Dooring! Mine is not. 😀

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  25. Jackie says:

    That is certainly a stunning shade of green. I wish St. Paddy had banished the pigeons along with the snakes!

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  26. Dan Antion says:

    I’m so glad you stopped, Norm. I love this architectural style with the deep set windows and doors. It’s really something you can only do well with stone, and this is such a great example. The doors are beautiful, but my favorite picture is that narrow window. It’s amazing to consider all the work that went into framing that tiny opening.

    My contribution today is much less spectacular –

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  27. Ally Bean says:

    This is a beautiful building with such an unusual door and trim color. I like it. I also like St Paddy up there, bird-free.

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  28. Sheree says:

    Churches are great for doors and architectural details.

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  29. Joanne Sisco says:

    That shade of green is definitely an eye-catcher. In the 3rd photo it reminds me of an emerald wrapped in gold … rather appropriate for St Patrick 🙂

    Is it my imagination or is the door curved? I get the impression of a curvature in the doorway and it’s very enticing.

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  30. These are gorgeous historic doors made by true craftsmen. The trim work right over the door is quite interesting as well, and the color is lovely. It’s nice that they have St. Patrick protected from those pesky pigeons. 🙂

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  31. Colline says:

    I love the doors you shared today. They certainly knew how to make them back then.

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