Thursday Doors – May 23, 2019

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Porchfest (and Doors) in NDG

Have I mentioned before how much I love my hometown? Yeah, well maybe a few times or so 😉

One of the things I love so much about Montréal is that even though our summers are short, we really go all out in making the most of them.

Summer here is festival season. One after the other: Formula One Grand Prix, Jazz Festival, Just for Laughs Comedy Festival,  Les Francofolies, The International Fireworks Competition, not to mention about a dozen others including different film and performance arts festivals.

Yes, these events block off city streets, clog up traffic, and drive motorists insane. But we know that they also attract tens of thousands of tourists and pump sh*t-tons of $$$ into the local economy, so most of us smile, go with the flow, and try to get out and enjoy some of the festivities.

Last year I took you on a tour of the Mural Festival  in this post here.

This year we decided to check out one of the newer festivals on the docket.

Since 2015 a sure sign that spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner is Porchfest NDG which is held in the borough of Notre-Dame-de-Grace, just west of downtown.

Based on the original concept started in Ithaca, NY in 2007 and now active in over 130 towns and cities across North America, Porchfest NDG runs during our holiday long weekend in May.

The idea is pretty simple: local professional and amateur musicians perform live on their porches, balconies, front steps, and lawns for passersby, and they collect donations that go to a local charitable cause.

This year the money was being used to help launch a youth music program at a local NDG community center.

This little guy already has a head start

Come for a stroll with me through this beautiful old neighbourhood and have a look at what we found; and yes there will be doors:

No doors but the visual chaos of this front yard just had to be captured

What about where you live? Do they have a Porchfest, or something like it, in your community?

As always, thanks for stopping in 🙂

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75 Responses to Thursday Doors – May 23, 2019

  1. joey says:

    I do like this lil doorscrusion! Really like 2290 and that arched brick with the turquoise and grate fixture. To my knowledge we don’t have a porchfest. But I do think we have several neighborhood tours or home show events throughout the city. I’d like to do a couple of the historical ones.

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  2. dweezer19 says:

    What great street art and doors! I love the etched tree door the most, Norm. It does look like a fun and interesting town,

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  3. What wonderful festivities, it all looks so fun. I love the door with a tree carved in the glass.

    Here’s my door post. I’m sorry it’s late.

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  4. This has to go up in your top 10, Norm. Handsome doors galore in every shape, size, and color, plus music, and a “sh*t-tons of $$$” spent by tourists. It doesn’t get much better than that. 🙂

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  5. slfinnell says:

    Love,love, love this festival idea!! Pretty sure I may be the only person playing music on her porch on the Katy Trail lol You can bet I’ll be telling some people about your post 🙂
    My link this week:

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  6. TCast says:

    Oh Norm, this is such a cool place, cool event and cool colourful doors! And it seems like such a happy place! Thanks for sharing. This is mine for this week.
    Regards, Teresa

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  7. bikerchick57 says:

    Norm, this is such a cool event in an inviting setting. Love the M&M yard and many porches.

    Funny, before I came here, I was looking at info for Mile of Music, which is held downtown in August every year. No porches, but there is indie music in a multitude of venues within walking distance. It’s a great event!

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  8. Lovely collection of doors. I’m intrigued by the houses that have a regular door and a very slim one next to it. Is there a rationale for that? And Porchfest sounds like a real blast. It’s been over two decades since I visited Montreal and I can’t say I remember very much, but I have fond memories of the visit, which means it was a good one. I remember we arrived there on Independence Day, but we didn’t know it. Everything was quiet, streets were deserted, lots of places were closed and as we drove through deserted streets we became more and more intrigued. At the hotel, of course, they told us it was a major holiday. 🙂
    Here is my entry for this week:

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  9. Nice doors and porches, Norm.

    Here’s a door from a walk I took in the woods behind Filoli Gardens:

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  10. JT Twissel says:

    We have a similar event in our small town – all the restaurants and cafes offer small examples of their menu items, bands play and local shop owners mingle with the crowds. It’s meant to promote local businesses but the profits from ticket sales do go to charitable causes.

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  11. anitashope says:

    Such a fun looking time on porches combined with the love of music. Great shots, the M&M planter made me laugh. Great fun. Thanks for sharing your trip.

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    • Norm 2.0 says:

      The M & M planter and that whole yard had me chuckling. Waaay too much going on in that yard for my taste 🙂
      I went over and commented on your post but I think the spam filter ate it again. You may need to dig it out and set it free. Cheers!

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  12. Prior... says:

    I hope to someday experience a porchfest. And your photos here give us plenty of flavorful doors and then musicians – people and gardens – I like the arched porches leading into some of the older doors – that etched tree glass in the one door is beautiful and the four doors lined up remind me of older neighborhoods –
    Oh and my post today has some garage doors from an old, well-established neighborhood in My area:

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  13. Great idea for a festival!!! Brings us all together! And great porches….. and DOORS!
    I popped by the Tower of London today:

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  14. Lynn says:

    How cool Norm! I have not heard of this kinds of festival before but what a great idea!

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  15. Junieper2 says:

    For the whole neighborhood – must be fun! The first ca[pure with that huge mural is awesome:) The house with the balcony and black doors is striking, and the little boy with his guitar cracks me up!
    Here’s mine

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  16. Tara says:

    Love 2206. I love glass inlays and there are pretty curtains on that one. The porch fest sounds like so much fun! One year, I’d like to go to Just for Laughs, too.

    My post this week:

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    • Norm 2.0 says:

      Thanks Tara. Yes just for laughs is a blast. Aside from the big headline events there are dozens of small venue shows and even street performances. I hope you do get a chance to come up for that one year 🙂

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  17. Debbie Smyth says:

    What a great idea! I’ve never heard of a porchfest before. Great entertainment, money raised and lots of doors 🙂
    This week, my doors are well camouflaged:

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  18. I love all of it: the fact that you have such an event, that it’s called Porchfest (“Porch” by Pearl Jam is one of my favourite songs), that you went and had a great time, that you didn’t forget about the doors, and that they all look so happy, healthy and trusting (all that glass!). And I love the old mural post too. Your city seems more and more lovable.

    And here is something for you to remember. I went back to some of our trails.

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  19. scooj says:

    Forgot to add my Camden Town doors link. d’oh.

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  20. Beautiful doors. I love Montreal too (in the summer!).


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  21. Ruth says:

    Not sure if my pingback has actually pinged anywhere… so here’s my link, just incase! PS my fave doors are the four in a row at the end 🙂

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  22. Porchfest sounds fun. Unfortunately we don’t have anything like that here.

    My contribution for this week:

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  23. seaangel4444 says:

    I smiled when I saw the green door with the octagon glass inlay, Norm. Despite the door’s weathered appearance, the glass is a lovely focal point. Thank you, Norm! My door today is an Art Deco style aboard the RMS Queen Mary:

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  24. Sherry Felix says:

    I love the lace curtains and etched glass in the doors.
    My door post is St Luke’s garden again

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  25. marianallen says:

    Ohhh, NICE ones! I love the ones with the smaller door next to the larger door. And, of course, the asymmetrical ones, with a sidelight on only one side. I have another picture of a picture of a door, to illustrate today’s Story A Day May story:

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  26. scooj says:

    Always great to start a post with a mural! Some wonderful doors there, I’m particularly taken with the rather tatty arch door. Montreal is definitely on my bucket list.

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  27. Looks like, and probably sounds like, lots of fun, Norm. I liked some of the curtains used to preserve privacy in the doors with windows and I enjoyed the neglected door with the lovely arch and bottom blue panel. But you know what I liked the most? There was no snow in any of the photos!!! 🙂

    I went minimalistic today, but sometimes that’s the best.


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  28. Colline says:

    That mural is absolutely stunning!
    Some lovely doors this week Norm.

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  29. jazzytower says:

    Porchfest is such a nice idea. Love the doors. Is it of the porchfest neighborhood? Very colorful. Now I have to go look see if it still goes on upstate. Nice post Norm:))


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  30. Dan Antion says:

    What fun, Norm! I love the doors at 2290 with the narrow window in between. I also like the Mission style doors farther down, but they’re all great. And, you should know that those of us in the audience who contribute, often take door credit for gates, so…

    In case you’re dumping the pingbacks, my post is over here –

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  31. My doors for today are almost 2000 years old:

    Norm, I love how colourful your pictures are today, they bring about a festival feeling all by themselves. The porch festival sounds absolutely wonderful.

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  32. Very entertaining. I must visit – during the summer, obvs. Thank you, Norm. My weekly offering concerns the doors in the medieval centre of Durham City.

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  33. Joanne Sisco says:

    Like Montreal, Toronto’s summers are also one festival after another all summer long. It’s such a great time of year!! .. but Porchfest is a new one for me. What an interesting concept!! It sounds like a huge street party.

    And of course it would be an opportunity to find doors 🙂 My favourite is the pair of blue doors with that grand oval window in-between.

    Let the summer roll!! I’m ready! {hear that Mother Nature? Enough with the rain for a while, ok?}

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