Thursday Doors – February 28, 2019

Enough Winter Already!

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If you’re a regular visitor to this space you have probably noticed me complaining about what a rough winter we have had in eastern Canada this year.

Drifting snow accumulating against the back patio door during a storm in early February.

With that in mind I was going to take you for a walk around the neighborhood to give you an idea of what I’ve been talking about. Unfortunately with the -23 Celsius weather the past few mornings the most courage I could muster was to take a few shots from inside looking out the front and back doors, and then a quick run down to the end of the driveway 😀

Out the front door, our lawn in under there somewhere…

In our town, except for a few major roads, the snow is cleared rather than removed. Plows come by regularly during a snowstorm to clear the roads by pushing the snow to the side of the road onto front lawns. With each storm our street gets a little narrower.

It also makes pulling out of the driveway each morning a bit of an adventure. Because of the height of the snowbanks each driveway is now a blind exit.

Slow down ’cause there’s barely enough room for cars to drive 2-wide.

We’ve had record rain and freezing rain this winter too, so you may just need to put on your skates to get up the driveway.

And the higher than usual snowfall and ice has led to another serious issue.

See that big snow pile? That’s from clearing off part of the roof a little while ago.

Roof failures and even total collapses due to heavy snow and ice loads have started happening in our area and public officials are reminding people to have their roofs cleared.

If you compare this back patio deck shot to the first one you’ll see that the snow kept coming in February. That deck railing is about 36″ tall…

And the backyard fence is close to 5 feet tall.

The snow has been piled higher once before, but not by a lot.

Here’s a peek out the back door of the garage into the yard – some of this pile is snow cleared off the roof too.

And out into the yard, that corner is where the garden is/was/will hopefully be again someday 😀

The good news is that March starts tomorrow and spring is only a few weeks away. We can only hope it brings a slow, gradual spring thaw so that flooding is kept to a minimum. In the meantime last week I started some of my seedlings for this year’s vegetable garden so that’s a step in the right direction too.

And soon you’ll be able to see our front door from the street without the view being half obstructed by all of this white stuff.

But for now, we simply endure.

As always thanks for reading 🙂

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