Thursday Doors – December 20, 2018

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Year End Recap – A Fond Look Back at What Was a Really Good Year.

There’ll be no Thursday Doors link-up next week on December 27th but before I say goodbye to 2018, I thought it would be nice to take look back at what I posted throughout the year. For this exercise I tried narrowing it down to one favorite door for each month.

In January I met up with one of my long-time Twitter buddies, Edward who was in town from southern California for a few days of r & r. Why anyone would willingly travel here from a warm sunny climate in the middle of winter still has me scratching my head, but hey, we had a fun time driving around and exploring different parts of the city together. That led to this post about the Bonsecour Market in Old Montréal.

January – Marché Bonsecours in Vieux Montréal

In February this beauty made the cut as my favourite from a two post doorscursion on a snowy day closer to home in Vieux Terrebonne.

February – Historic Home in Vieux Terrebonne northeast of Montréal

March 2018 contained five Thursdays making it more difficult to pick a favourite. This shot of the Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes Chapel on Ste-Catherine Street in the Latin Quarter of downtown Montréal gets my nod.

March – The doors are nothing outstanding, but oh that golden statue!

In April we spent the long Easter weekend in Toronto. This short trip led to over a month’s worth of quality door posts. While we were there I finally got to meet up with blog buddy Joanne Sisco – here we are clowning around in front of a mirrored door at Casa Loma.

Goofing around at Casa Loma

But my favourite door pic from April would still be this adorable little green coal chute door found in the Distillery District.

May was another five-Thursday-month. It was a tough call between two posts from east of Québec City: the stunning copper doors of the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Basilica and the Root Cellars of Avenue Royale.

In the end I decided I’d seen plenty of impressive churches before, but there was a unique old-world charm to these root cellars that left me captivated.

Hillside root cellar east of Québec City. This is how crops were stored for winter by the area’s first European settlers.

For June this one wins on cuteness factor alone. It was squeezed into another one of my posts about the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Basilica.

An art gallery near Québec City.

I also got to hang out with Joanne again and spent part of a day peddling with her while she was in the area for her bicycle trek on the Petit Train du Nord trail.

That day I also learned that I still have a hard head. Even though I knew better, I started out peddling way too strong for my own good. I was great for about the first 10-12 kilometers or so, but then I totally ran out of gas in the heat and over the second half of the 25 kms we covered that day, I had to get off the bike frequently to rest or walk.

Views like this from the trail reminded me that I should have never been in a rush in the first place.

We were away for part of July which meant it was a three Thursday month with fewer doors to choose from. My favourite was this lovely wooden door in my post about the Cathédrale de Saint-Jérôme.

July – Historic home in Saint-Jerome, Quebec

While we were in Nova Scotia in late July and early August we had a chance to meet up and chat with another fellow blogger and frequent #ThursdayDoors contributor Janet Rimmington of Rose Bay Letters. The refreshing iced tea and the few hours of good company spent with Janet and her husband made it worth braving the hills and the stifling heat in downtown Halifax.

Janet, my Mom said to say “Hi” 😀

A week or so later we got to have lunch with blog and instagram buddy Amy Sampson on Cape Breton Island. At her request I’m not posting her pic, but Amy, my Mom also said to say “Hi” – she really enjoyed your suggestion to visit Rita’s Teahouse 😀

My August posts had a distinctly eastern Canadian theme. My winner and sentimental fave was this one from our visit to the Maud Lewis Exhibit at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

Seeing the movie of this artist’s life story only a few weeks earlier made this an extra-special stop.

August – Maudie’s Door

August also saw another visit from Joanne while she continued her Trans Canada Trail adventure in the Montréal area. Hard to believe that after multiple failed attempts to meet over a number of years, we actually got together three times in 2018!

The weather was even hotter than during her previous visit in June so I didn’t want to push my luck out on the trail again. We did get out for a nice half-day paddle on the Rivière des Mille-Iles on her last day in town.

My September posts made use of more Nova Scotian doors. This one from the town of Annapolis Royal won out for sheer simple beauty.

September – A simple boat repair shed in Annapolis Royal

At the end of September the guest hosts who took over for three weeks while while I was away. As they have done previously, Manja, Joey, and Dan were awesome hosts. I thank you all again so much for filling in 🙂

So while I was on that break in late September early October this happened:

Waiting for the train at Capalbio station with two of our hosts. The third host who was working in Rome that day, surprised us by being on the platform when we got off this train in Rome. We were both so touched we were speechless.

If Manja and I both look less than ecstatic in this shot it’s only because this was our final goodbye as we waited for the train to take us to Rome for the last leg of our Italy trip. The four previous days spent with her, Marco, and their furry side-kick Fonsie were more fun than we could have ever hoped.

Thank you again guys. We really do hope we can return your hospitality one day 🙂

Since getting back it has been an almost non-stop barrage of amazing Italian doors. This one from Rome was my favourite for October.

October – this one has it all doesn’t it?

November’s post about our visit to the San Galgano Abbey in Tuscany produced this weather old gem that I still pause to admire wistfully every time I look at it…ahh…sigh.

With only two new posts for the entire month that were just posted in the last two weeks, making a choice for December feels kinda silly so I’m gonna skip it.

Besides, I’m still processing door pics from Italy that should keep me going until spring.

It was a darn good year of door discoveries and an even better year for cementing blogger friendships. I feel truly blessed to have met so many wonderful friends through this blogging experience, and I thank everyone who comes here to share this weird and fun fascination for doors with me each week.

As we get ready to close the door on 2018 I’m already looking forward to seeing what we’ll find and who we’ll meet in 2019.

I wish you all Happy Holidays, much health and happiness, and many fruitful doorscursions for this coming year!

I can’t wait to see everyone else’s year-end recaps too, so hopefully you’ll have accepted my invitation to do the same. Please click on this blue froggie button and add your link to our link-up list. Of course new original posts are always welcome as well 😀

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  1. sharonchyy says:

    Interesting post and thanks


  2. Bernice says:

    Wow! Awesome doors! In particular I like the little door with the large windows! Such crazy contrasts!

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  3. dennyho says:

    I so enjoyed touring your year of doors and excursions Norm. What a full calendar you’ve had. Happy New Year to you.

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  4. joey says:

    Lots of lovelies here, especially familiar faces 🙂 It was a great year for doors! Thanks again for being our leader 🙂

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  5. marianallen says:

    Thanks for Thursday Doors, Norm! I love your photographs, and I’m so happy to have “met” so many lovely people through the link-up. I even met Joey in real life! Happy holidays, whatever your holy days may be. 🙂

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  6. Oh my! So many wonderful doors revisited and awesome Thursday Door Blog Guest Hosts too! I won’t pick a favorite because they are all so wonderful. From my Desk chair, you had a charmed 2018. One I wish I could live. I didn’t. I can’t tell you how grateful I am you did live it and shared with me and others the wonderful doors, and experiences of meeting other bloggers who feel like friends to me too.

    Joyeux Noel Norm!

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  7. Pistachios says:

    Certainly looks like you’ve had an excellent year of doors and other adventures this year! It’s quite lovely to be able to recognise some of these doors in your recap (I also really like that little green door from April). Thanks for taking us on your travels, and facilitating the sharing of so many doors and so many stories 🙂

    I just realised the blue frog is still accepting links, so I’m going to do up a post now!

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  8. Amy says:

    This was such a great collection of favorites Norm! I loved getting to see them again. It sounds like it was a great year. Here’s to hoping that 2019 has just as much, or more, great things in store! Happy Holidays!!

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  9. Cee Neuner says:

    Here are my favorites from this year.

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  10. ostendnomadography says:

    What a wonderful collection you shared with us. Brilliant!

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    • Norm 2.0 says:

      Thank you so much for being a part of our fun little group and all the best to you for 2019.
      By the way I tried to comment on your post but it forced me to sign in again, even though I was already signed in, and then it refused to accept by username and password… :-/
      Take care and Happy Holidays!


  11. Rowena says:

    Wow, Norm. I loved this fantastic tour through such an incredible array of doors. I really loved the little green one and could imagine a little elf or garden gnome heading in there. The art gallery near Québec City was also incredibly cute.
    Thank you so much for hosting Thursday Doors. Since I’ve been involved, I’ve found myself not only noticing doors more on my travels, but architectural features in general. I feel like my appreciation for the world around me has sharpened, which is a wonderful thing.
    Best woshes,

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  12. Junieper/Jesh stG says:

    What a delightful review, Norm. I like reading, viewing that of others, but not my own:) Have a merry Christmas, with a lovely time with your family! Thanks for hosting Thurs. Doors this year!

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  13. Great picks for the Year’s Recap, Norm! You certainly shared some beauties throughout the year! And how fun to have met and gone around door hunting with fellow bloggers! A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family and see you right here in 2019!

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  14. It looks like it was quite a year. Best wishes for the holidays and I look forward to following your posts in the new year.

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  15. Jennie says:

    What a terrific year of doors, Norm. Thank you so much!

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  16. Thanks for inspiring me to post something for Thursday Doors today. Your pictures are awesome and so is the theme. BEst wishes for a great holiday season and more good blogs to come.

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  17. LifeAmazing says:

    Awesome photos. Thankyou for the time you take to write these posts and organise the challenge.

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  18. scooj says:

    If I had to pick one it would be the root cellar door.

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  19. slfinnell says:

    I can only imagine how many are now inspired by this Door journey you’ve set us all upon. Blessings to you and yours this season!

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  20. Wow, that’s a great trip down memory lane and a great display of door finds for the year, Norm! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

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  21. amoralegria says:

    Awesome recap, Norm! Happy holidays to you and “see” you in 2019!

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  22. John Hric says:

    Norm – a very nice and interesting collection of doors. I am particularly intrigued by the door with a no parking sign. Is it in a neighborhood where sidewalk parking is common? Or is it one of those situations where I don’t want to ask the question let alone know the answer. Happy holidays.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Norm 2.0 says:

      Thank you John and all the best for the holidays.
      As for the no parking door, I think this is a delivery entrance and they don’t want cars blocking access for delivery vans. Cheers 🙂

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  23. jazzytower says:

    Love you recap… and that little green door was a fave for me too. Great idea to do it month by monthe and choose one. I loved dugging through my doors. I just remembered a brass one I wanted to add. Happy Holidays Norm😊.


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  24. Jackie says:

    Great recap. I had my post scheduled as we just arrived in Mexico. I will work on a recap.

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  25. Aimer Boyz says:

    It must have taken forever to narrow down your choice to just one picture a month…so many beauties to choose from 🙂

    Thanks for a great year of doors and Merry Christmas. Looking forward to what you find in 2019 🙂

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  26. Merry Christmas, thank you for hosting and your doors this week are enjoyable to view, and thanks for all the captions

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  27. That’s a great approach: 1 door per month! I’ve really enjoyed participating in this challenge this year. Thanks for being such a wonderful host for Thursday Doors!

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  28. weejars says:

    Love this! All your choices are superb! Merry Christmas and thank you for running the challenge each week

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  29. Lynn says:

    Love this recap Norm, so many gorgeous doors you have captured along the way. Wishing you & your family a very Merry Christmas! I look forward to seeing what 2019 in store for you fabulous photographic eye!

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  30. mistermuse says:

    Wonderful door (and nature) pix. Yours is (for me) a unique and a-door-able blog which makes me look forward to every new post. And, speaking of looking forward, may the New Year be an open door to every happiness for you and yours.

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  31. Sherry Felix says:

    Lovely doors and people for 2018.

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  32. CarolynEliason says:

    Great recap Norm, my favorite is the coal shoot. Not only is it a very cool shot it also is very dear to my heart. My great grandfather started a coal and ice business in the late 1800’s in my home town along the Mississippi River. My grandfather and father carried on the business until the 1960’s when gas and electric heat became more popular.,

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  33. Dan Antion says:

    What a wonderful year it was, Norm. I am happy to see that some of my favorites made your list for the year.

    Thank you so much for giving us the gift of Thursday Doors throughout the year. This is one of the most fun things on the Internet! Merry Christmas and I hope you have a very Happy New Year! Give a few extra flies to the blue frog/

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  34. Joanne Sisco says:

    Wow, Norm! You had a fantastic year! There are so many great memories in here and I’m thrilled to have been a part of them. Three visits in 2018! Each one of them was great – but the kayaking was a major highlight for me 🙂

    You have an amazing eye for doors and architecture in general. Of all the doors you selected, the little green coal chute would be at the top of my list, although the root cellar is a very close 2nd.

    I’ve been largely MIA at Thursday Doors this year, but I’ve certainly enjoyed being here every week to see the offerings from you and the other door enthusiasts.

    Merry Christmas, Norm and best wishes to you and L. See you in 2019!

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  35. And, this is why you are our leader. 🙂 You had a great year, Norm, and here’s hoping 2019 is an even better one for you and yours. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your neighbor to the south. 🙂

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    • Norm 2.0 says:

      Merry Christmas Judy. With any luck perhaps 2019 will take us back down to your neighborhood. In the meantime thanks so much for being a regular part of our quirky little group of door fans 🙂

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  36. Yeah! This surely looks like one proper door- and friend-filled year, just as it should be. I’m soooo glad that you and your Honey were able to visit us and spend some – but not nearly enough – time with us and that we had a splendid time. Blogging takes one places, in many different ways. I love all your favourites and won’t do any choosing, just a special shout-out to Joanne as it’s always great to see her. To making new memories, with doors as an extra bonus. Cin cin to both of you from all three of us!

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