Wordless Wednesday – For Toronto

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About Norm 2.0

World’s youngest grumpy old man & heart failure wonder boy. Interests: writing, woodworking, photography, travel, tennis, wine, and I know a bit about power tools.
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19 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – For Toronto

  1. reocochran says:

    Oh, so sad again that I didn’t come here to write my personal feelings of distress, fear and sadness for Toronto, Norm.
    I had my first honeymoon in the Hilton in Toronto, not sure if it is called something else but we loved this beautiful bay. My heart and prayers have been with all of you. 💞


  2. What a lovely tribute…with family living in Toronto, this hit close to home…thank you for this, I haven’t had a chance until now to share my sorrow over this senseless tragedy.

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  3. travtrails says:

    Love needs to be locked up…away from the evil eye of hatred

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  4. Jennie says:

    Thank you, Norm.

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  5. Lovely gesture for a terribly senseless loss of life. I just don’t understand the tragedies that surround us on all sides on a daily basis. Prayers to all of the families as they deal with grief and/or recovery.


  6. Sending love to Toronto.

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  7. I don’t understand the hate in some people’s hearts. A terrible tragedy in a beautiful city.

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  8. A beautiful picture of love; a tragic event in a wonderful city. Prayers to all.

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  9. Horrific happenings these days.


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  10. My thoughts turned to Joanne and hoped she was miles away, and to the families of those who were victims. Sending thoughts and prayers to Canada…I wish it were more. ♥

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  11. Dan Antion says:

    Thinking about that great city and the wonderful people who live there. So sorry for this tragedy.

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  12. Sending love to our dear neighbors ton the North . We are devastated 🌹

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  13. Joanne Sisco says:

    It is a shocking and sad time here 😢

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  14. Yes! (I only heard about it today. I live in a vacuum. I hope Joanne was far away on some trail.)

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