Thursday Doors – April 6, 2017

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Exploring Vieux Sainte-Rose, Laval

On a recent mild sunny spring day Honey and I went for an afternoon doorscursion in the Sainte-Rose district of Laval, directly north of Montréal.

A French settlement and subsequent Parrish in the area was initially founded in 1740, with incorporation of the village under the name of Sainte-Rose taking place in 1858.

Over the years the church, which I’m saving for a future post, was rebuilt or expanded four times.

Sitting on the northern part of Île-Jésus on the shores of the Rivières des Milles-Iles, Ste-Rose became somewhat of a resort/vacation community for semi-affluent Montréal merchants, after the Sainte-Rose Boating Club was founded in 1889.

The old fire hall converted into an art gallery

Sign for the art gallery made from a door! They must have known I was coming

As newcomers moved in the village gradually grew into a small town and was formally annexed into the city of Laval back in 1965.

The old historical section of town, Vieux Sainte-Rose, is dotted with well preserved 150-200 year-old homes,

many of which have been converted into bistros, restaurants, bakeries, antiques shops and art galleries.

Even today with its shops and restaurants and lovely old homes, the area gets lots of visitors, especially in the summer months.

But it really is a delightful place to visit on a nice sunny day just about any time of year.

As always, thanks so such for visiting 🙂

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66 Responses to Thursday Doors – April 6, 2017

  1. misifusa says:

    Norm, I’m here because Dan Anton sent me to look at your doors! I have to say that I really like your door post and find it fascinating! Who would have thought that doors would be so interesting and yet they are! Thanks for ‘opening the door’ for me to appreciate doors! Yes, I know, lame pun. I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself! I hope you understand!

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  2. Great finds!! This looks like an amazing place to visit. I adore old architecture! 🙂 It does seems as though they knew that you were coming 😉

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  3. What a charming place, Norm. Love the door -sign. Hugs

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  4. Vanessa says:

    That art gallery sign was made for you! Looks like a lovely area to visit.

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  5. Delightfully romantic Doors attached to some very pretty structures. That art gallery door/sign is, well … very creative!! So glad you spotted it!

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  6. Those stone houses/shops are lovely. I like the white curtains in windows

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  7. Truly a lovely day and place and doors, and I swear I said to myself somebody had known Norm was coming before I saw your caption.

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  8. Donna says:

    ‘Paper signs on front glass doors’ may be a theme this week. I just saw one on a door in Joanne’s post. They make me so curious as to what they say!

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  9. Cee Neuner says:

    Norm, your doors are fabulous this week. I like the door with the hand paint.

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  10. jesh stg says:

    The beige house with the many windows with blue accents (and bay windows downstairs – my favorite) is the perfect one I would like to live in! Not to forget, beautiful doors too:) Great post Norm:)

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  11. JT Twissel says:

    I love the painted door. How cool. Those 150-200 year old houses look in remarkable good shape.

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  12. ianbcross says:

    Delightful. Spring is coming! I am in England on leave, but my post is from Delhi.

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  13. conspicari says:

    Really like the third image of the old store. Looks a beautiful place to visit. :>)

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  14. joey says:

    Great diversity. So many bright colors and unique shapes. Shutter details, ooh. Love that that painted door — la vielle caserne one. It’s like they knew you were coming 🙂

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  15. marianallen says:

    Oh, what wonderful doors! I especially like the last one, and the one painted as open. 🙂 That stone house is EPIC!

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  16. Lynn says:

    Looks like it was a splendid day to get out & explore. Lovely collection Norm!

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  17. tinahomeblog says:

    Super Pictures. I don’t live very far from there.

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  18. Lovely old buildings, Norm. It’s great that the old fire station is being used as a gallery. My favourite is the house with the big tree growing on its corner. How strange to have a tree planted that close. I wonder which one was there first.

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  19. Tara says:


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  20. Joanne Sisco says:

    What a beautiful old village. Quebec is so famous for these!! I love the former firehall … it’s so tiny and has that massive tower behind it 🙂
    My favourite are the signs made from doors. Lovers of doors are everywhere!!

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  21. Nice collection of doors…never been to Ste-Rose so I guess I will have to make an effort to get there as it looks like a nice village…in a big town. (Suzanne)

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  22. Hard to choose even a few this week, Norm. These are all winners. I like the door sign and the last shot (the Instagram shot) in particular. Hopefully you’ve seen the last of the snow, but you never know. We had some in the forecast for last night, but fortunately it stayed too warm and it was just rain. I’m ready for the rain to move on as well. We’ve had quite a bit.

    Happy Thursday.


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  23. J Walters says:

    What a fabulous set of doors, especially the art gallery free-standing one. Just lovely.

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  24. Love them all but especially the last photo, Norm. And, door signs take this post right over the top. Yes, they surely knew you were coming. 🙂

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  25. Debbie Smyth says:

    A wonderful post. I especially like the Cordonnerie and the door sign – what a great idea

    Liked by 1 person

    • Norm 2.0 says:

      Thanks Debbie – I thought that door/sign was pretty clever too.
      I removed your link from the comments section and put it in the link-up list with the others, instead. Cheers 🙂


  26. bikerchick57 says:

    The art gallery door is very cool with an open door painted on a door and the hand prints on the back side. Even the many teal-framed panes of glass that make up a large window are cool. The windows almost look like it might have once been a garage door. It has that feel to it.

    Very pretty area, Norm. I can see that I have to put Montreal and the surrounding areas on my bucket list. So quaint and lovely!

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  27. Dan Antion says:

    I love that first wooden door, especially the way the window is framed, top and bottom. I am also a fan of old fire houses being repurposed and I like the dormer windows on that mansard roof. The sign for the gallery looks like they knew you were coming!

    The door at the end is similar to the one at the top, in the way the window is framed with a shelf and carved details over the glass. That’s some nice workmanship!

    Great selection today, Norm!

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  28. RuthsArc says:

    The free standing door is intriguing 🙂

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  29. reocochran says:

    This doors excursion was such a wonderful one to view! Happy Thursday to you and your honey. Thank you for including their centuries old shops and the art parts.
    The stone house with two windows that were like dormers only in the first floor, with pretty blue outlines (4th one from the end) just was so charming, Norm. 🙂

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  30. I enjoy the windows as much as the doors….and the brickwork.
    WP removed you from my followed list. I wonder who else is missing? But it was Thursday, so I knew where to find you.
    Still, it’s the sixth, not the fifth….:P

    Liked by 1 person

    • Norm 2.0 says:

      Yes I had noticed how the windows on most of these so perfectly match. It’s wonderful to see that much attention to detail.
      Wordpress does wonky things sometimes.
      Thanks for the heads-up on the date. I went ahead and corrected it. I guess my brain was on auto-pilot when I was putting this post together.


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