Why I May Have Unfollowed You on Twitter

Warning: This post is a rant about people who engage in stupid, politically motivated, hysterical behavior on Twitter. 

This post also contains foul language. If you are offended by foul language then please, you should fuck off now.

Hey… at least I said “please”  😀

Now let me be clear, I do loves me my Twitter.

It’s an amazing tool for finding information on a wide range of subjects. It’s also great for networking and sharing info and advice with other bloggers, photographers, and writers.

What I don’t like about Twitter? How some tend to abuse over-use it to share their political ‘opinions’.

When I first started back in 2012, I was more than a little skeptical about Twitter. It all seemed like one big electronic echo chamber. A virtual soapbox with everyone shouting out their own message – generating tons of noise with no one actually listening.

Over time I learned to use its features and I got better (or so I thought) about who I chose to follow.  This has helped cut through the clutter and I’ve since found lots of genuinely useful content.

However, some people have a tendency of letting their emotions get the better of them. Then to make matters worse as the internal pressure mounts, their good judgment goes out the window too.

The next thing you know they’re all over Twitter flinging around their verbal feces with lots of other electronic monkeys, generating a shit storm that basically ruins the fun for the rest of us.

Recently I’ve noticed that it has gotten worse.

A lot fucking worse.

During what has been the most contentious if not downright toxic embarrassing political cluster-fucks presidential campaigns in U.S. history, I’ve noticed how both sides have mastered the art of manipulating the emotions of those who are too fucking stupid to think for themselves susceptible to such influences, in order to get these idiots to fling even more feces on their behalf.

In marketing circles we call these chumps good people, ‘Brand Ambassadors’ 😉

I’m not talking about people who chime in with an occasional opinion on something and then move on. We all do that from time to time. I’m talking about nut-jobs on either side, who like a dog on a bone just don’t know when to let go.

Recently in my feed there was the race car driver lady who went on a fifteen to twenty tweet tirade about how (famous really rich guy) Mark Cuban had no business appearing as an invited guest on a TV news channel to offer his (negative) political opinion about her candidate because in her words, “Mark Cuban has no fucking political experience!”

I scrolled through her thread of venom in stunned silence. The most amazing thing: 427 likes, 148 retweets.

My first thought: This is a joke right? People can’t really be that stupid…can they?

Because that orange guy you support who’s not only expressing his opinions, but is actually running to become your next President, he has been telling everybody how his own lack of political experience is what will make him in his own self-aggrandizing way, “the best President ever”….


Really long pause… *drumming fingers on desk waiting for the connection to be made*




C’mon! Really?

Okay, so apparently when a person becomes hysterical on Twitter the first thing that goes is their sense of irony.

Look folks, I can tolerate a certain amount of stupidity and I can even wait out an occasional bout of hysteria, but please for Pete’s sake, not both at the same time!

Then there’s this writer guy in Vancouver who has been going on and on about Hillary’s emails this, and Hillary’s emails that…non-stop for two days!

Hey snapper-head look at a map will ya! You’re Canadian – it’s not your country – you don’t get a vote in the U.S. election, so shut up already!

And just so you don’t think I’m being too partisan about this, there’s the really angry young lady in the southwest somewhere who has been tweeting regular invitations to that orange guy to come on over and just try grabbing her lady-parts to see what’ll happen.

Okay Miss, we get it: He said some truly vulgar things about women during what he thought was a private conversation 10+ years ago, and you’re really pissed about it.

If you feel that this is offensive enough to prevent him from being your president, I get that. But the only opinion that matters is the one you express in the booth on voting day.

In the meantime, please stop offering up your vagina all over Twitter all day long because as enticing as you may think your invitation is; I assure you he’s kinda too busy right now to take you up on it.

So then my second thought was: How long have I been ‘following’ these idiots hysterical hyenas?

And then, What the hell was I thinking?!

There are those who’ll say, It’s a free country and I’m entitled to my opinion.

Yes, you’re absolutely right. And all I have to do is hit the ‘unfollow’ button, which is what I have been doing lately – more than ever before.

Of course everyone is entitled to their opinions, but unless you WANT to be considered as one of those unfortunate marginal types who stands around on street corners barking at strangers while wearing a tinfoil hat, the need for a certain measure of self-control when expressing opinions anywhere in public, including on social media, should be obvious.

Okay maybe that’s just a fancy way of saying; Hey there, why don’t you calm the fuck down and go for a walk!

They say that the great thing about social media is that now everybody has a platform to share their opinions with the world.

All I know is that before social media you used to have to invite people over for dinner and get them really drunk before you’d have to endure their obnoxious ranting opinions.

Essentially it feels at times like social media is democratizing and legitimizing stupidity and hysteria – exactly when what the world needs most is wisdom, calm, and true leadership.

I love people, I really do – just not when they’re spewing a constant stream of venom, hatred, or pointless stupidity out into the world.

So if I’ve been following you up to now on Twitter and you’ve been tweeting non-stop election stupidity like the examples above, chances are pretty good that I won’t be on your followers list for long.

I suspect you may not even notice that I’m gone what with all that outrage you’ve been busy spreading. But if you are looking for me, I’ll be busy engaging in adult conversations with grown-ups.

You know, the ones who can express themselves calmly, thoughtfully, and in complete sentences, and then let it go without droning on and on like a ranting loony with a tinfoil hat.

Note to newcomers: I’m generally harmless but I do sometimes need to let off a little steam. It’s usually only once or twice a year. Last year’s rant was about refugees and was prompted by our own rather divisive Canadian federal election campaign.

I don’t bite – I promise. At worst I just unfollow. Life’s too short and our time here is too precious to spend it arguing with strangers over the internet.

About Norm 3.0

World’s youngest grumpy old man & heart failure wonder boy. Interests: writing, woodworking, photography, travel, tennis, wine, and I know a bit about power tools.
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49 Responses to Why I May Have Unfollowed You on Twitter

  1. Norm, I’m exactly the same when it comes to people I follow on Twitter and then they start bombarding me with tweets of certain parts of the body I’ve no wish to see. I guess I’m too lame when it comes to who to follow back, but I am certainly learning how to get better at it. It’s also the reason why I hardly use FaceBook. People seem to really like to bring out their dirty washing in public over on FaceBook. Why?

    You’re post also reminded me of why I chose to moderate all comments on my blog regardless of whether they have left comments before. I’ve had at least three followers who suddenly turned into trolls. Not so much leaving horrible comments about me, but aimed at others who had left comments.

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  2. jesh stg says:

    That’s why I refuse to be on Twitter. It’s worse (in my opinion) than FB. My kids pleaded with me to stay on FB, so I do it mainly for them. If someone else gives me grief, I block them – and it’s a long list:):).

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  3. I agree with you 107%

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  4. Purpleanais says:

    You are full of common sense, Norm. I believe I have on occasions “lost my shit” on Twitter so I have no problem with anyone unfollowing me if they happened to be witness to such idiotic temporary loss of sanity. I live tweeted the US elections debates and lost a ton of followers each time but it didn’t bother me. We are all free to follow and unfollow as we see fit. Have a great Wednesday, and thanks for this: it made me laugh 🙂

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  5. Aimer Boyz says:

    Well said, Norm!

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  6. CarolynEliason says:

    Great read Norm, be glad you live in Canada and don’t have to see our non-stop political ads, recieve unwanted phone calls and mailers. Next Tuesday can’t come fast enough for me.

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    • Norm 2.0 says:

      Thanks Carolyn. We don’t get the calls and mailers, but we do see the ads on the American networks, plus the coverage of your election campaign has been part or our news cycle pretty much since the primaries started, what two years ago? Ugh!

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  7. reocochran says:

    I usually don’t drop people but leave a note or reply on their blog which indicates “disdain.” I guess I figure there are all kind of people out there. But I don’t FB nor tweet, Twitter or pin ideas. Norm, no matter what you are in my Thursday’s Doors “hero” category. I will try not to drive you crazy or over the edge. . . 😀

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  8. Oh my …where to begin. I am so glad to read this, it means I am not the only one who is bothered by recent events and the way some of us use language these days. I have a Twitter account, but really haven’t figured out what to do with it -yet and after reading your post I wonder if I want to. Maybe it’s good to be clueless. 🙂

    Your post is so well written and as far as I am concerned…go ahead and rant every day. Maybe then they will listen.

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  9. jan says:

    I try to RT political tweets only if they’re funny – cause we need humor desperately this year, and if certain pols are going say stupid things they deserve to be laughed at. We just returned from a visit to the south and many people down there have been incomprehensibly prejudiced and full of hate for a long time – they just never had a leader who wasn’t afraid to come across as a racist bully.

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  10. joey says:

    Well done! I’m biased, you’re biased, everyone’s biased, but remember decorum? I remember decorum, and I’m sure glad you’ve maintained your sense of it!
    I have been mulling over my Twitter for a while now, thinkin I need to make a better list…

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    • Norm 2.0 says:

      Thanks Joey. Decorum, civility, remembering that feeling strongly about something doesn’t always equate to being ‘right’, yeah all that stuff.
      In taking a closer look at my Twitter feed I also found a few bots.

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  11. I’ve never tried Twitter, Norm, but I’ve been having the same experience on Facebook. There’s really no discussion for the most part, just ranting and name-calling, the latter of both the person being talked about in the rant and anyone who disagrees with the writer. No one is changing anyone’s opinions with that sort of “discussion.” The lack of civility that I’ve bemoaned before means that there can’t be real discussion of issues, which is the most important thing. So I know how you feel. 🙂


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  12. Well stated Norm. I’ve done some serious ‘filtering’ myself.
    What has truly amazed me is seeing people I thought I knew for years become irrational hate spouting trolls. Many of them, brilliantly creative photographers and writers. The transformation is shocking.

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    • Norm 2.0 says:

      “The transformation is shocking” – absolutely bang-on Ed. This is what happens when we let emotions take the wheel. Common sense gets tossed into the back seat.


  13. Joanne Sisco says:

    {me, jumping up and down, clapping excitedly}


    Note to self – don’t ever really piss off Norm. His words bite! 😉

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  14. Sherry Felix says:

    I refuse to participate in the dirty business of politics on social media. I hate negativity. I use social media exclusively to share my art and see other people’s art. If someone posts something political or out of context on my FB wall I remove it.

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  15. And people wonder why I limit myself to less than 5 minutes a day on social media. 🙂 I feel like we are in a country-wide seedy production of that terrible 1998 movie, ‘Wag the Dog.’

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  16. quiall says:

    You just said what like minded people are thinking. Well done!

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    • Norm 2.0 says:

      Thanks. You know, even opposite-minded people are not the problem. As long as they can present intelligent, well-thought-out, logical arguments, I WANT to hear from those who don’t see things the same way I do. But when it descends into name-calling, ridiculing, and just plain vitriol: that’s it, I’m out.

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  17. Dan Antion says:

    Great rant, Norm. Look at the bright side, at least you get to clean your timeline every 2-4 years. I’ve dropped quite a few folks from my list this year.

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  18. BeckyB says:

    Thank you for your wonderful ‘rant’ this morning . . totally agree with you and it made me giggle which is even better. I only sporadically barge into your election, so hopefully have not been unfollowed and only occasionally get the bit between my teeth about something here . . .but do let go but it is quite bizarre about the number who don’t!
    Enjoy your unfollowing and hope a week tomorrow the world is still the same after whatever happens a week today!

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  19. Ruth says:

    Reblogged this on Image & Word and commented:
    I don’t do Twitter, but my FaceBook newsfeed has certainly become so clogged with pseudo-political propaganda lately I’ve had to back off and give it a wide berth – I don’t generally reblog much either, but OMG Norm has absolutely made my day with this absolutely spot-on topical rant. Please do pop on over to his blog to unleash the unexpurgated wrath of Norm. Oh, and if any of you are wondering about my opinion on this whole slanging-match circus of a presidential debate – it’s what Norm said, and then some 🙂

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  20. msgt3227 says:

    I enjoyed your rant this morning Norm – well put! For the record, I don’t do “social media”…

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    • Norm 2.0 says:

      Thanks Kevin. I guess that like any tool, what matters is how it’s used. The good news is that we have the ability to opt out if we find that some folks go too far; lately that is what I’ve been doing.


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