Thursday Doors – June 23, 2016

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St. Brigid’s Church – Ottawa


I found an odd mix of different doors on the historic St. Brigid’s Church during our visit to Ottawa last month.


The first door I saw was this rear delivery door. Okay, I thought, green doors with steel rivets in them…this should be interesting:


Of course to add to the confusion this is the side door:


Looking up at the steeples from behind I had to wonder what I’d find around the front:


Something told me these ones would be different too and they didn’t disappoint:



After searching online I couldn’t find any information as to why this wonderful old heritage status structure would be equipped with doors featuring such a variety of different styles and colors.

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64 Responses to Thursday Doors – June 23, 2016

  1. Hi Norm, another lot of beautiful pictures, as usual.
    my modest contribution:

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  2. Great find; Did a quick google and it appears the church was decommissioned and sold and it is now an arts center; perhaps explains why they have multi-colored doors.

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  3. Prior-2001 says:

    Hi Norm – felt like I walked around this church myself – exploring a bit!
    And I wonder about the variety – the wood plank door with the handle to the side reminds me of something that was maybe made from resources that were available – or without a lot of thought ? But leftover pieces came to mind when I saw the handle on the Angle (to secure into the panel) – and then the black hardware maybe suggests it is also very heavy ! Hm
    Oh and I wonder if it helps to have visitors come to colored doors – like “make the trick delivery at the green door….” And “bring your money thru the blue doors” – kidding!

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  4. As much as I love blue doors that green one wins me over this time. It’s my favorite color, and it’s got rivets! 🙂 It’s a little strange that they didn’t keep one color theme for the doors, but very few would get confused about being instructed to enter by the green door. 🙂

    The structure is massive! I want to go in and see the inside now.

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  5. jesh stg says:

    Blue is my favorite color, but looking at the rest of the building, I think that another color wuld have been moreftting. Love the arch of the front door! And. Wonder why the green door does not reach to the ground? Beautiful building, Norm!

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  6. Great doors! I like the blue ones the most. 🙂

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  7. katieprior says:

    Love the stonework archway on that last picture, I always think it is very impressive how they build those!


  8. cwaugh212 says:

    Thanks for the heads up about the Daily Prompt. I had already posted my doors with a story so it was easy to post it there as well. I like the green door the best on your post.

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  9. Cee Neuner says:

    Great doors once again Norm. I like the blue doors best, but then blue is my favorite color. 😀
    Here is my entry.

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  10. Helen Bushe says:

    I had to double check that all these doors were in fact on the same building. Quite something!

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  11. Vicky says:

    What fun, all those different styles and colours on one building… makes you wonder why…. Green studs do it for me!

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  12. jan says:

    The blue doors must have some meaning (or perhaps they don’t…) Interesting to speculate though. This week I finally got out to find some doors.

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  13. joey says:

    Gorgeous! So many curves! You seem to have a lot of blue church doors in your neck of the woods. I love that green door. It ticks all my boxes. Great doors! 😀

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  14. Beautiful church — and such interesting doors!
    My door is rather humble, but sentimental:

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  15. dimlamp says:

    I like those blue doors.

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  16. The second installment of doors from Paris can be found over at my site Norm. I hope you enjoy them!

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  17. “Green door, what’s that secret you’re keeping?” 🙂 Lovely doors as always Norm! Here’s my entry for today’s Thursday Doors AND the Discover Challenge. What a happy week for door lovers around the world! 🙂

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  18. marianallen says:

    I love the green door with rivets, and the cockamamie angled slats with the cockamamie handle set all cockamamie on it. I’m guessing the handle’s placement has to do with the underlying structure of the door. Obviously, the doors and towers were designed by committee. But they’re beautiful and interesting, anyway!

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  19. pommepal says:

    Interestingly different, I rather like the green studded one. Here’s mine for this week.

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  20. Not sure why they’re different, but it makes life, and the challenge this week, all the more interesting. I like them all, but that blue really catches the eyes.


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  21. Sherry Felix says:

    The green and blue doors are my favorites.

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  22. Dan Antion says:

    Beautiful church and a great collection of doors, Norm. I love blue doors. Every time I see one, I think “blue’s the best color” and then I see a red door or a black door, and…

    I like the back and side doors as well. I wonder about the side door. The slats seem to be angled the wrong way, unless they are a decorative overlay. The way they are set, gravity would pull them away from the hinges. I’m also curious about the green door. I’m wondering if the rivets are decorative or what the underlying structure looks like. I feel like I’m about to be like the Grinch “And he puzzled and puzzled ’till his puzzler was sore” – Before that happens, I’m off to catch a few early doors.

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  23. reocochran says:

    My first favorite colored door on this magnificent church is the green one with such a unique touch with the rivets, Norm. The slanted brown panels make a castle style door and blue is a blessed color, on my mind, since Mother Mary is usually wearing blue in paintings. A grand St. Brigid’s and when I posted a smaller but still pretty Catholic Church people wondered at its asymmetrical look, I think this church demonstrates this characteristic, too. 🙂

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  24. Dan Hen says:

    Great find , Norm ! Interesting variety of doors.

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  25. Beautiful church, and I absolutely love the green door with the steel rivets and the next door with the wood at an angle. 🙂 They are truly handsome. 🙂

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  26. tgeriatrix says:

    The wooden door in the middle is quite nice but the white handle seems a bit odd…

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  27. Suvi says:

    Wow a blue door on a church? I haven’t seen that before. It sure is grand building!

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  28. joannesisco says:

    I’m the first one to comment? I guess that’s what happens when I’m up before dawn 😉

    The angle of the first photo really makes this old church look formidable … even with its collection of different doors. An old door with metal rivets? how can that not be special?

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  29. Lovely building as a whole and its individual doors. The green is my favourite, but you knew that. 🙂

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