Margaritaville – This One’s for You Pop

I don’t reblog my own stuff often, but today I thought this would be appropriate.
Happy Father’s Day 🙂

Norm 3.0

Considering the amount of hardship he endured in his younger days, my dad was a remarkably easy-going fellow.

I remember growing up, no matter what the crisis was or how bad things seemed, he was always the one who stayed calm, maintained an even keel and reassured us that things would get better and yes the sun would come up again tomorrow.

With his laid back take-things-as-they-come outlook on life it was no surprise that Dad was a big fan of Jimmy Buffet’s music. And his favourite Jimmy Buffet song was Margaritaville.

Dad was the most tone-deaf person I have ever known, and though he knew well enough not to sing, he did drive us nuts by humming along to this song from beginning to end, every time it came on.

I mean he really couldn’t hold a note or carry a tune to save his life. Imagine if you can someone in the same…

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6 Responses to Margaritaville – This One’s for You Pop

  1. reocochran says:

    I like hearing about an even keel Dad. Norm, this was such a nice tribute to your Father. I like the image of him humming along to MargaritavillE with Jimmy Buffett. Isn’t it funny when the things that may have driven you bonkers are the things you wish you had taped or could hear “live” just once more? My Dad would make up country songs as we headed south ou of Ohio. He really disliked the choices on the radio. He would go, “I lost my job, my wife is cheating on me and my dog just died.” All in a twangy toned voice. 🙂

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    • Norm 2.0 says:

      Dad was a country music fan as well, so my brother and I would make up our own “Someone ran over my dog with their pick-up truck” songs to poke fun too 🙂


  2. Dan Antion says:

    Sometimes, there really just anything to improve upon.

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  3. Perfect reblog! Have a great day, Norm.

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