Thursday Doors – Guest Post Edition

Today I’d like to introduce everyone to the work of a fellow photographer and classmate, Robert Pearson.

Robert and I were in an advanced photography class together this past fall at Concordia University’s Continuing Education Centre, here in Montréal.

Aside from the fact that I’m jealous of his Nikon D610 full-frame camera, I spent ten weeks in class admiring his images, his keen eye, and his ability to bring out something unique or totally new from things that many would consider too mundane to warrant a second look.

Also an avid cyclist, his work includes an interesting mix of street scenes, urban decay, Formula-One auto racing, and lately he has been leaning towards a lot of Black & White conversions.

Since class ended in November we’ve kept in touch by email and on Twitter, and he recently offered the following doors for my weekly Thursday Doors posts.

The first is from St. Joseph’s Oratory which is an architectural, religious, and cultural fixture in Montréal that’s worth checking out if you ever visit our fair city:


This second one is from College Notre-Dame directly across the road from the Oratory:


You can check out Robert’s blog here: Anagram Photo

And for those of you on Intagram or Twitter feel free to drop in and say hi:

I’ll be off celebrating the Holiday with family and friends and wish you all the best for this Holiday season as well – back on the weekend.

Until then as always, thank you for looking 🙂

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  1. Robert says:

    Thanks for featuring a couple of my shots Norm!

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