Macro Monday – December 15th, 2014 – White Orchids in Morning Light Revisited

One Sunday morning a little while back I went a bit overboard with my macro lens taking pics of our Orchids. The way the sunlight was shining in and the shadows created by the horizontal blinds in the window had me totally absorbed.

I’ve gone back through those pics and selected some of my favs to post here. Believe me it was hard enough to narrow it down to ten!

Have a look and let me know which ones you like best:











As alway, thanks for looking 🙂

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World’s youngest grumpy old man & heart failure wonder boy. Interests: writing, woodworking, photography, travel, tennis, wine, and I know a bit about power tools.
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26 Responses to Macro Monday – December 15th, 2014 – White Orchids in Morning Light Revisited

  1. Karen says:

    Incredibly detailed. They’re all lovely. My favourite is the side on one that’s. 5th from the top 😀

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  2. dorne whale says:

    #9 is fabulous. I love the shadows and the velvety texture of the petals. Cool.

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  3. Number 5 rocks! Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing them.

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  4. afairymind says:

    1 and 5 are my favourites, though all of them all brilliant! 🙂

    Just to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. You have a great blog with some wonderful photography!
    You can find out how to get the award by going to mine at There are questions to answer and other blogs to nominate. Click on the award logo on my page and copy the URL, then you can put it in your award response and as an image in a widget. 🙂

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    • Norm 2.0 says:

      I appreciate the feedback. It looks like 1 and 5 are the clear leaders.
      As for the award, I thank you very much for thinking of me but I won’t be doing any awards on my blog. I guess I should put up an “award-free” button or some such to let people know, sorry about that.
      Please do pass it on to someone else though.
      Thanks again!

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  5. restlessjo says:

    4 and 9, Norm 🙂 Fairly conventional choice but they’re lovely.

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  6. 1. No. 4 and 6. No. 8. No. OK. 1.
    This was tough!

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  7. NotAPunkRocker says:

    1, 5 and 6. All of them are amazing though 🙂

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  8. Dan Antion says:

    #5 is stunning!

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  9. Wow! This is a beautiful set of photos… The orchid looks almost like it is dancing, embracing with the light and shadows… Lovely photos, difficult to choose so I will say I love the whole lot!

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  10. Beautiful photos, great lighting and color composition and I love orchids! #2 and #6 are my faves 😉

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  11. #1 because the leaves look like they are textured or covered with a light snow. All beautiful shots. 🙂

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  12. I really like 1 and 5 🙂

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  13. kimlhine says:

    Number 2 and 7 are my faves

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