Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette #4

Here is another entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouette.

The first was taken a few summers ago at dusk under the Washington Monument in DC. I believe the flags were at half-mast because the theatre shootings in Colorado had just happened.

There was a nice glow in the sky that I wanted to capture but the light was fading fast. Didn’t have a tripod so I just boosted my ISO as much as my old Nikon D60 would go. I snapped off a half dozen shots from different heights and angles and this is the best of the bunch. The silhouettes of the people walking in front of the Monument were a bonus.


This one is from the Boston Public Library – which is a really great place to shoot by the way.

I was goofing around taking shots of my own shadow looking for a cool effect. At the time I hadn’t noticed this fellow who walked through one of the shots. Despite the motion blur, I kinda like his inquisitive look while trying to figure out what was so interesting on the floor that I had to take pictures of it.

Boston Library Silhouette

And last but not least here’s one of the morning sun through the trees and lighting the mist on the hills in Tuscany.

Ahh, Tuscany…sigh. ‘Nuff said right?


Thanks for looking 🙂

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